Snap Crackle Hum: Electromagnetism Sound and Audio Art – Surrey Art Gallery Oct 21/12

Quietly encircling our planet and indispensible to our various electronic devices, electromagnetic waves are everywhere around us. Unperceivable to the human ear, they carry a big bang – sound! Electromagnetism, its power, potential and problems, intrigue artists working with the medium of sound. This subject is the focus of:
Snap, Crackle, Hum: Electromagnetism, Sound and Audio Art
Surrey Art Gallery’s
4th Annual Sound Thinking symposium
on Sunday, October 21
13750 – 88 Avenue, 1 block east of King George Blvd, in Bear Creek Park
Admission is free
Donations are gratefully received.
Seating is limited

This one-day event will bring together leading practitioners and professionals in the field of sound art and the study of sound to present art and research on sound and contemporary culture.

Keynote speaker: Douglas Kahn
Author of the forthcoming book Arts of the Spectrum: In the Nature of Electromagnetism, and Professor of Media and Innovation at the National Institute for Experimental Arts at the University of New South Wales, Australia
Presentations: Carrie Bodle, Alejandra Bronfman, Peter Courtemanche, Gordan Djurdjevic, Jay Bundy Johnson, Elemental Harmonics (Celia King and Joel Snowden)
Performance: Kristen Roos
Conveners: Ross Birdwise and Jordan Strom

Artists working in sound offer a critical and creative perspective on the history of man-made electricity. They also explore and contribute to the development of new technologies of communication, the study of geophysical electromagnetism, and reconsider the nature and structure of sound. Snap, Crackle, Hum: Electromagnetism, Sound and Audio Art features presentations by scholars and artists. An artist will also present a performance designed to address the complex relationships between electromagnetism, technology, science, the paranormal, and contemporary art. The aesthetics, poetics and history of electromagnetic sound will be examined, as well as how electromagnetic technologies are reshaping human subjectivity and the social world.

Sound Thinking is part of the Surrey Art Gallery’s Open Sound program. Open Sound 2012: On Air, Underground: Making The Inaudible Audible is a series of sound art installations situated in the Surrey Art Centre’s public spaces. The artists in this year’s Open Sound exhibition are Kristen Roos, Alex Grünenfelder, and Debashis Sinha. Open Sound 2012 is curated by Ross Birdwise.

Founded in 2008, the Surrey Art Gallery’s Sound Thinking symposium is an annual one day event which brings together practitioners and professionals in the field of sound art. The symposium features leading sound artists, scholars and researchers in the field sound studies, along with visual artists who use sound as key components of their practice, and musicians who experiment with the limits of music and sound. Past symposia have addressed subjects as diverse as radiophonic space, voice in contemporary installation art, new approaches to ethnographic sound, and acoustic ecology.

Surrey Art Gallery
604-501-5566 |
13750 – 88 Avenue, 1 block east of King George Blvd, in Bear Creek Park

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