Faiz: Slide Show Images

Cover page of a collection of essays and other writings by Faiz Ahmed Faiz titled ‘Coming Back Home’, Oxford University Press, 2008.

The following two images are created by Faiz’s elder daughter Painter/Educator Salima Hashmi for a collection of his poems in English, translated by his elder son-in-law Educator/Cultural-Activist Shoaib Hashmi.


The three images are a part of a slide show being created by ‘Poet in the City’ event scheduled to take place in London UK on January 17. More information on this event is here.

British Punjabi poet, Uddari’s own, Amarjit Chandan will present a selection of Faiz’s Punjabi poems, and i can tell you, he is a spirited reader of poetry.

Also view this for additional Faiz Centenary events in UK.