Blasphemy: Another ‘Honour Killing’ Platform – Don’t Support It This Friday


Blasphemy is another ‘Honour Killing’ Platform.
Please Don’t Support It This Friday

‘Honour Killings’

Where women, and some men, are harassed and killed by the male members of their families on the pretext of ‘saving the honour of the family’, but actually to keep control of the property and sexuality rights of women.

Male members are supported by the local authorities such as the police, jirgas, civil and army administrators, and other influentials, in propagating and committing these violent and abusive crimes.

This vile concept of control of women through extreme punishment is presented by the mainstream culture as a crucial part of the ‘moral fibre’ of Pakistani society.

‘Honour Killings’ support male control and power over all women, but most women who actually get killed are the poorest in a city, town or village.

Do you support ‘Honour Killings’?



Where non-Muslim and Muslim men, and some women, are killed or required to be killed by the extreme religious Muslim groups on the pretext of ‘saving the honour of Islam and its prophet’, but actually (1> to keep control of the property and civic rights of non-Muslims and Muslim minority sects, and (2> to use it as a Muslim-mob-generating hysterical street weapon for their petty political ends.

The extreme religious Muslim groups are supported by the local Muslim authorities such as the police, jirgas, civil and army administrators, politicians, lawyers, educators and other dignitaries in propagating and committing these violent and abusive crimes.

This vile concept of control over minority communities through extreme punishment is presented as a crucial part of the ‘moral fibre’ of Pakistani Muslim society.

‘Blasphemy Killings’ support the control and power of Muslims of a majority ruling sect over all non-Muslim and minority Muslim communities, but most people who actually get killed are the poorest in a city, town or village.

Do you Support ‘Blasphemy Killings’?


Blasphemy is another ‘Honour Killing’ Platform.
Please Don’t Support It This Friday
Or Ever After!

Repeal Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

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Now Bin Laden Will Never Die. Thanks, Yo US-led Bullies of the World!

Osama Bin Laden, a Muslim Fundamentalist that i could never support, has now become a symbol of resistance against the US-led bullies of this world. Marauding human rights of the peoples of the first, second, and the third world through unprecedented violence of their policies of trade, weapons, interference and occupation of sovereign countries and people, the US&Friends continue to be the aggressors with too much blood on their hands.

It’s an ‘honour kill’ to save the ‘honour’ of the United States and Allies, and like all killings carried out for ‘honour’, this one also has privilege/resources/material-gain as the reason.

In ‘Muslim’ environments, Bin Laden’s execution will strengthen religious fundamentalism and encourage religion-based parties to mount crushing opposition against the ‘moderate’ Muslim formations struggling to build democratic and rights-based movements in our countries. Of course, it will worsen the situation of Muslim women, and will increase religion-based crimes against minority communities in Muslim majority countries, and it will make life more difficult for under-privileged people. As well, it will legitimize the existence of all militarized Muslim groups and their policies of violence and vigilantism, and the laws promulgated by structures of informal/parallel justice systems.

‘Thousand Thanks’, as the Danes might say in English, to the selfstyled and socalled ‘protectors of democracy and human rights’ for making a martyr out of a religious fanatic, for providing another tool to Muslim fundamentalists to destroy democratic movements in Muslim countries, for hijacking our lives yet again and offering them to violence, conspiracy and intrigue of the ‘un-reason’.

Our friend NewsClots came in handy again by illustrating the boundaries of Bin Laden’s influence in the non-Muslim world where the same US-led bullies have been active. ‘Friends called me today and reminded me about the lyrics we once sang…when we got kicked out by that ‘US embassy peace concert’ at V Park in 2003…’.

Below is the song written/composed by Trinidad musician André Michael Tanker (1941-2003).

(The song file could not be loaded)

Ben Lion U Bin Baad Man
By André Michael Tanker

Tat Tat TaTaTa Tat, Tat Tat TaTaTa Tat
La la lalaaiee, La La la la la la lalaaaiee

Ben Lion U Bin Baad Man
Why O Why suh Why yuh go wine in dese people place..
Ben Ruude Boy, Ben Baaad Boy,
Say you wine right down to de ground and mash up de place…

De eagle was flying high
Until you cause him to cry
Now all all over de dance dey calling your name…
Dey say you are wanted man
And it is time dat you understan’
De tings dat dey say you do dey coming for you…

Ben Lion Bin Baad Man (1)

Wha did yoo umb boom ba bam bam (4)

Now Bulldog looking for you
India helping them too
Monkey jump up and throw a net was master de fence
Things not like they was before
These grounds(?) are spreading(?) war
And the party is who could wine who could go win this time
So yuh best ask wine

Ben Lion Ben Baad Man (1)

Wha did yoo um boom bam bam (6)
Lala …

Dey want you to misbehave
To come out your cave and wave
Dey want you to form a line to stand up and wine…
(wine for them!)
But you too fast on your feet
And you know your way round de street
You wave shifting from side to side dey can’t get inside
(Dey aiming wide….)

Ben Lion Ben Baad Man (1)

All Caribbean, Hohoh!,
Come inside de fence,
All American, Ho! Ho!
Come inside de fence
All Afghanistan! Ho! Ho! Ho!,
De more defense I have is one world, a free world

La la lalaieee…

Bushman jump in de line
He say what is yours is mine
Bring Madonna to help him move was a waste of time
So he sent for Jennifer
(J-Lo!), a hip dancer
So to get him to move in time but de man can’t wine…
(He jes can’t wine)

Ben Lion Ben Baad Man (1)

Dey say dat dey catch a man
Dey tink dat is Ben Lion
But dey never check for de wine
Dat was his true sign!
So his feat are paying for all
We really having a ball…
Look out for de real Lion in de Carnival
Look, Bacchanal…

Ben Lion Ben Baad Man (1)

All Caribbean! Hohoh!
Come inside in de fence,
All American, Ho! Ho!
Come inside in de fence,
All Afghanistan, Ho! Ho! Ho!
The more defense I have is one world, A free world

(They want you to misbehave…
To come out your cave and wave)
La la la…

(01 Ben Lion.m4a could not be loaded)

‘And here is a rather tooo short but absolutely haunting intro by Andre…’

‘This live version is a little diffused… but its got the energy of the words…’

‘Then here’s an interesting pan version by the El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School Steel Orchestra, Performing Ben Lion’ by Andre Tanker ft 3 Canal at the 2003 Junior SteelBand Music.’

Tanker’s Facebook page:

‘The Trini Andre Tanker who wrote these lyrics with 3 Canal song died (or was done in) that very year. André Michael Tanker (September 25, 1941 Woodbrook, Port of Spain – February 28, 2003) was a Trinidad and Tobago musician and composer. Tanker was considered one of the most original musicians that the country produced. His influence on the music of Trinidad and Tobago was compared by David Rudder to that of Bob Dylan in US music. Tanker’s work defines the Caribbean folk-jazz genre. We hear he died at the 2003 carnival cos the ambulance couldn’t get through the crowds…’

Information provided by NewsClots
Contact NewsClots c/0

MukhtaraN Bibi: A (the) Great Punjabi Woman!


Yes, its hard for me to just say ‘A Great…’ for the likes of MukhtaraN Bibi aka MukhtaraN Mai, and its not just because she makes me unashamedly proud of being a woman, a Punjabi, a Pakistani, a South Asian, a human.

Her story is known to us but it is not certain if it has been told. We know that a woman was punished by a jirga for the actions of her younger brother, June 2002 in Meerwala. On the orders of the jirga, MukhtaraN Bibi was gang-raped by the men of the aggrieved (influential) family to avenge the sexual liasons of her (lower status) brother with one of ‘their’ women.

MukhtaraN Bibi would have taken the rap of justice however hard but not that forced play on the ugly set of a live porn show. As is usual in such cases, the set that was erected to mount that gang-rape was conceived, staged and protected by local male elders, politicians, and law enforcers. It was an ‘honour’ kill without the dead body.

In the pit of physical pain, shame and humiliation, MukhtaraN Bibi may have come to  know the meaning of many words but we are certain of one: ‘Ignorance’. (‘My slogan is to end oppression through education‘).

It is not unusual for women to receive punishment for the actions of their male family members in a country where ‘honour’ means ‘male revenge’ tied to property, and killing for it is an acceptable social practice. Even in that environment, the punishment given to MukhtaraN Bibi by that local court of ‘justice’ was unacceptable for the larger society. Yet this was not the most unusual thing about this case. The most unusual thing was what MukhtaraN Bibi did after the porn show was over. Instead of going insane with shame, despairing to the point of committing suicide or accepting the status of a whore in the area, MukhtaraN Bibi stood up, gathered support, fought the system-backed aggressors, and won!

Oh victimized she was and survive she did as she changed the meaning of both ‘Victim’ and ‘Survivor’!

Even when the real criminals have still not been punished, MukhtaraN Bibi is victorious at many different levels. She has reclaimed her honour in her area and beyond, opened schools in her community to fight ignorance with the money she had received for her strengths and leadership, has become a continual source of inspiration and strength for women, and is one of the major reasons for creating an atmosphere for the jirgas to be declared illegal in Pakistan.

Though jirgas still thrive and continue to generate an ‘official’ form of community violence against women and men of lower social groups, a strong blow to this entrenched system of religio-feudal oppression has been dealt by MukharaN Mai; and, here comes a Punjabi poem for her in roman:

Sohn MukhtaraN!
By Fauzia Rafiq

Terae pairaN haiThhaN jutti
jutti thallae nissaldi mitti
soohae rang vich ghol
mathae tae lawaN
Ek mitti Punjabi
utae tera parchhawaN
Inj laggae Bibo
ajjo dil.dlairee pawaN

Sources and Links to more information:
Chronology of Events
Mai’s Profile on Wikipedia
‘Whose Justice? MUKHTARAN MAI: Punishment of the innocent’: Amnesty International
Mai’s Blog: Poland Travelogue
Interview with Mukhtaran Mai
A film ‘Mukhtiar Mai: The Struggle for Justice’ by Journalist Beena Sarwar

Though women were being killed each day by jirgas to avenge male ‘honour’ and protect their properties prior to 2002, the demand to declare jirgas illegal had never gained centrality in the movements for protection of rights in Pakistan. Most women who get killed for male ‘honour’ belong to lower classes while the leadership of women’s and rights movements comes from middle and upper classes. MukhtaraN Bibi by taking a stand against the ‘ignorance’ of jirga-led perpetrators allowed rights activists around the world to support her case to the point where rights movements in Pakistan were enabled to put forward the demand to illegalize jirgas.

All through the years when MukhtaraN Bibi was fighting for her court case and against the value systems that have perpetuated such woman-abusing traditions, she never looked into the camera. It must have been hard to look at all that the world had come to represent to her.

Not here…

Or here…

mukhtar_mai_press1Or for the Press…

For Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year? Almost!


Leading protests… somewhat.

Now she may find that because of what she did and made other people do, the world has become better, and so, behold a glorious folk hero as she raises her eye at the world.

mukhtaranmai-smA folk hero raises her eye!

Fauzia Rafique

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Hun Mainun Na Ro (now don’t cry for me) by Fauzia Rafiq

(This poem is for Shaheed Bibi Fatmah, 45, who with Shaheed Bibi Jannat, 38, was buried alive in Babakot in July 2008 for trying to stop the alive burials of three young women.)

Hun mainun na ro
Shaheed Bibi Fatmah Laye

Hun mainuN na ro Sohniyae!
Main lakhh hyateyaN payaN
‘Hai Fatmah’ akhaeN ha jae vul awaN ha poor ke
Hunjoo kairdi, chupp aTerdi, beh jawaN ha dhooR ke

Hun mainuN na ro Sohneya!
main lakhh hyateyaN payaN
‘Hai Fatmah’ akhaeN ha jae farq neyaaneyaN paandi
tainuN aahndi tooN raja te ohnoN teri baandi

Hun mainuN na ro Heeriyae!
main lakhh hyateyaN payaN
‘Hai Fatmah’ akhaeN ha jae khhaR ke zulm na sehndi
sakhiaN dendi daan Meerwah aan namasheiN behndi

Hun mainuN na ro Heereya!
main lakhh hyateyaN payaN
‘Hai Fatmah’ akhaeN ha jae Babaekot vich thuRdi
Terae paireeN sir rakhdi te ohndae sir te bhurdi

‘Wah Fatmah! Wah Fatmah!’
aakh mainuN, hun ‘Hai’
muqadar zaalmaN!

Shaheed Bibi Fatmah (45) te Shaheed Bibi Jannat (38) July 2008 vich apniaN trae sathnaN nooN bachawn de kardeyaN aap ve Babakot jewendiaN pooreyaN gayaN.

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Fauzia Rafiq

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Women Slam Govt on ‘Honour’ Killings in Pakistan

In a historic declaration this Thursday, women’s rights groups vowed to exercise ‘zero-tolerance’ for ‘honour’ killings; and, told the Government of Pakistan to measure up in eradicating all forms of violence against women.

Stunned by the inhuman ordeal of five Baloch women who were buried alive by their male relatives and local political goons ostensibly for ‘family honour’, women activists and leaders from 13 cities came together in Islamabad for a day long consultation. The Consultation was called by Joint Action Committees (JACs), Women’s Action Forums (WAF chapters), Insani Haqooq Itehad (IHI) and Violence Against Women (VAW) Watch Groups.

The outcome in the form of the ‘Islamabad Declaration on ‘Honour’ Crimes’ is inspiring, moving and insightful as it lists all the pitfalls and barriers that can befall a mandate that promises to protect women from this religio-cultural gendercide.
‘… we will employ all our strengths, energies and efforts to prevent any form of a cover-up of such heinous crimes against women by the entrenched tribal, feudal and patriarchal structures and systems, whether demonstrated by the political elites, the legislators, the judiciary, the police, or the federal, provincial, district or local administrations; or by self-styled religious vigilantes; …That we will no longer allow women to be used as pawns – as convenient expendable targets – in feuds between men over murder, property, money, political and tribal rivalries, blood vendettas and misplaced perceptions of “honour” issues;’
Islamabad Declaration on ‘Honour’ crimes. Complete text.

Another crucial understanding that permeates the set of demands and proposed actions is about honoring the lives, contributions and the stories of women who have been honour-killed. Every single woman who is murdered by her family/community for the ‘honour’ of her family is a martyr because either she was killed for being someone’s wife/mother/daughter/sister or she was sensitive/insightful/leader/brave who refused to live a life of complete subjugation. The Declaration proclaims all women killed for ‘honour’ as ‘Shaheed AurtaiN’ Martyr Women.

There are ‘honour’ killings where women of one family are made to suffer for the crimes of their men by the men of the aggrieved family; such killings are often ordered by a Jirga, and are indiscriminate as to the role of women themselves. However, in my view, a majority of women are honour-killed for asserting their basic human rights. Usually in their teens, a mere expression of their dignity as human beings where they begin to think for themselves and make decisions for themselves, becomes a death-deserving crime; a jirga may become involved but it is basically up to the men of their families to pronounce the judgment and to execute it.
‘Eh kon khaRae poordae/mere apnae peyo bhra’
Who are these burying me/my own fathers brothers

Every death for ‘honour’ sends shock waves through the land imparting another message of fear and intimidation to an already controlled and coverted population of women in Pakistan. Every death for ‘honour’ questions the values and the structures of the family where on daily basis and in our homes, some members enjoy fear-inducing power while the others are made to live at their whims. The mere concept of the ‘honour’ of such a family renders us homeless, brotherless, fatherless, sonless. In such families, each of us regardless of our gender, are made to afford a harsh, callous and unjust family life. Women have to confront and change this murderous ‘family’ and its values because we, more than men, are paying with our lives to keep it going.

So, the most honourable thing would be to question the validity of the ‘family’ that is based on greed, discrimination and inequality; and, to replace it with a democratic family structure that allows for equal and wholesome opportunities for all its members to shape our futures, to be supported through difficult times, to be protected and nurtured so that we can all live our lives to the fullest potential.

Sounds good but it is not that simple in a social setup where religious extremists are throwing acid on girls and young women and bombarding their schools for not wearing veils; the ‘respected’ jirgas order women to be gang-raped for an offense committed by their male relatives; where over a dozen young women and girl children are declared ‘vani’ and handed over to the aggrieved to resolve a feud between two families; where women are raped in police custody; where declaring a woman/girl ‘kari’ (adulterous) and then killing her is a matter of convenience for a husband/father/brother; where five women are buried alive and the elected representatives justify the action in the parliament; where a woman have to produce four Muslim men of upright character as eyewitnesses to prove that she was raped; where the qisas blood money for killing a woman is half that of a man.

This is the case in a political situation of deteriorating lawlessness where to make it worse, the biggest bully of this whole wide world has resolved to hunt its prey. The direct military assaults by the US forces in Pakistan are causing civilian casualties, inciting explosive responses from the Taliban, embarrassing Pakistan Army, and shaking an already tenuous government of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Though the PPP government has sidelined the Lawyers Movement to appease the Army, it is however, moving in favor of women’s demands by invoking the Anti-terrorism Act of 1997 (ATA) that was passed to protect women against gang rape, the Women Development Minister has resolved to make changes in existing laws to protect women in future, and the Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken suo-motu notice of the killings.

It may seem weird but the truth is that the only chance women of Pakistan have of achieving the objectives of Islamabad Declaration is if the United States of America withdraws, at the very least, its military presence from Pakistan. In this life-and-death struggle between women’s rights and religion-supported traditions, it is not going to help women in Pakistan to be identified with the United States even when the Bush Republicans’ prey is one of our perpetrators.

Islamabad Declaration calls for action to accomplish the following:
– Acknowledge the courage and stance of Senator Yasmeen Shah and many media persons who have continued to report on this issue despite threats to their lives.
Protest outside Joint Session on 20th Sept in Islamabad and provincial capitals
Shaheed Auratain
– Women killed in the name of ‘honour’ are Martyrs: Raise to hero status
– Long March for Shaheed Women
– Dua for Shaheed Women and offer Namaz-e-Janazaa
– Visit and offer Fateha at graveyards of women killed for ‘honour’
– Dedicate 16 Days of Activism this year (2008) to Shaheed Women Killed in the name of Honour
– Signature campaigns
– Send letters of concern to Parliament
– Disqualification of Senator Zehri and all those public representatives who defend ‘Honour Killings’.
– Demand a legislation against Jirgas/Panchayats/Informal judicial structures
– Focus groups with legislators to discuss the Honour killing law (Dec 2004) and the necessary amendments.
– Launch poster, documentary and media campaign
– Demand that public representatives denounce all forms of killings particularly of women whether in the name of ‘honour’, ‘tradition’ or ‘custom’
– Form a group of concerned individuals including lawyers, retired Judges, Human Rights activitsts and media personnel that should include some eminent personalities to follow such cases
– Vigilant committees in region to monitor day to day updates and reporting to everyone
– Women and human rights group will hold 4 seminars at Provincial levels in the interior of the country in order to build vocal support against ‘honour killings’

‘Assein ve koi kaleyan neesae/punj lukayan lakhan vaikheiN’
We are not alone either/you hid five will see millions

Poems For Five Baloch Women Buried Alive
Swal Jannat da NahiN
Mir Wah de Benaam Chhori Number One
Mir Wah de Fauzia
Fauzia of Mir Wah
Kikli 13 July
Vaen (mourning)

Fauzia Rafiq

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Swal Jannat da NahiN

Jannat, 38, was buried alive with Fatima, 45, for trying to stop the burials of three young women of village Mir Wah in Balochistan, July 2008.

Jannat da nahiN
swaal tera mera ae

Oh chawhndi
te saah kujh bachaa awndi
Koi aas hyati de viah awndi
Kaal koThri ch eidaN manaa awndi
PeyareyaN dae
ishareyaN te
koi din
nach-nachaa awndi

Jannat vuDee se
vaDeRi ae

KewaiN apna aap bachaa awae ha
Saah ghuT ke hyati langhaa awae ha
Kaal koThri ch eidan mana awae ha
PeyareyaN dae
ishareyaN te
dafna awae ha

Jannat de karni
kehndi ae
Hyati dheeyaN dae
mul pujdi
naaN putraN dae
Ja hakoomat joR lae apni,
asseiN ve koi kaleyaN neesae,
punj lukayaaN,
lakhaaN vaikheiN!

A Punjabi poem by Fauzia Rafiq

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Fauzia Rafiq

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Mir Wah de Benaam Chhori Number One

(Mir Wah deyaN punj zananiaN jehRiaN Baba Kot vich jewendiaN pooriaN gayaN, ohnaN vichoN do dae naaN nahiN dittae gae.)

Main Mir Wah de
Benaam Chhori Number One
merae naaN vich hur da naaN

BulhaN dae kandiaN te surkhi layee aa
Eh meriayaN jhanjhraN
toN oss gali khaRkai aa

Ais benaam naaN vich awae Fatma
Fauzia Jannat
Meri vudh MukhtaraN Mai
Aneela Shaneela
te Mir Wah de
Benaam Chhori Number Two
jehndae naaN vich hur da naaN

Chandi rangi nathli nuk vich payee aa
Eh meriaN vungaN
sarkaraN hath pwai aa

Ais benaam naaN vich awae
hur nirdai da naaN
Jirgae andar karokari
watta satta
aan shreyet courtaN
Te Babakot dae
naiRae vagdiaN
Nawabpur deyaN roadaN

Sat rungi kurti gulmae payee aa
Eh mera punjangla
zalmaN de gichi ch phai aa

Main Mir Wah de
Benaam Chhori Number One
merae naaN vich hur da naaN

A Punjabi poem by Fauzia Rafiq

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Fauzia Rafiq

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Mir Wah de Fauzia!

Mir Wah de Fauzia dae murn te, jehRi maithoN door rehndi se te mur gaye jadoN ohdi umar merae toN adhi ve nahiN se.

PraaN te bahr, lugda ae main ghulti kar beThi aaN.
Fauzia aThharwaiN vurhae apni maut aap nahiN moee.
Maar kuT ke, ohdae Tubr dae murdaN, jewndi noon dufn keeta.

Ek puRhar, ek aggu, ek maan-vur Baloch, Fauzia vich dleri se peyar te hyati nooN haan kehn de; te bahadari se naaN aakhan de huthiarband gundeyaN, najaiz jirgeyaN, vadereyaN, peyowaN, bhrawaN, hakoomti piThhowaN nooN.

Mera dil lahu ronda ae per main khloti aaN maan naal jewndi, ais janni zanani de naaN te, Mir Wah de Fauzia!

A poem by Fauzia Rafiq
From English
English version

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Kikli 13 July

July 13, 2008: Paklistan vich ek jirgae dae hukm te punj zananiaN nooN maar maar ke zinda poor ditta geya te jehrae lokaN eh keeta ohnaN vich zananiaN dae peyo, bhra, chachae te ek minister dae sukae sun.

In honor of the five Baloch women buried alive on July 13 in Baba Kot

Anarkali aj zinda hoi
Nangi phhirae bzaraN
Zulm de laaT ch pinda lishkae
Shahwat dee akhh draaRaN

Akbar Rajae jewndi chhori
Lhore dae komal dil vich guDi
Ravi ro ro mukeya pani
Keha ishq te kehi kahani

DaiTaaN mainuN yaad nahiN rehndeyan
jo hoya, oh chaita ae
Meri agli nasal dae uThhdae siraaN nooN kupdae aye naiN
eh nikae moTae akbar asghar mullaN jirgae dadageer

Teen age vich gayak maneendi
punj gunaN de guthli
ZorawaraN dae durbaraN vich
apna huq jitawan paaroN jan bejani hoi

13 July
Anarkali tooN vul kyoN aaye
kithae tera dera

Jhok BalochaN dharti tuRfae
kukhheeN jewendiaN suTeyaN
pichhae na koi Akbar Raja
na durbar bagana

Peyo bhra
merae maaN-peyo ja
bun khaRae sarkaraN
pathar Babakot dae, jind-khhichwaiN hathiaraN

ef ai ar durj krawn
muqbrae banawn, lection jatawn
shayr chhapawan toN pehloN
bachRiyaN roohaN uD, huDaN toN paaraN

MaiN te badshahaN de ghulaam saaN
badshaahaiN ditti chunwa
eh kaun khhaRae poordae
merae apnae peyo bhra

Kikli kleer dee
Pug merae veer dee

KehRa tera abba nee
te kon tera bhra

MaiN jind se aap vari
koi yaar bachawan mari
Aithae vudh hyati nochdae
merae sujjan saak peyarae

Pug merae veer dee
Dopatta merae bhai da

Kinnae terae putar nee
te kinnae chaachae taa

Shahzaadae salim saarae, eh akbri dae maarae
qabraN swaniaN te aa muqbrae ussaran
Maarkae jo maran
vunjh GuruwaN nooN saaRan

Kikli kleer dee
Pug merae veer dee
Dopatta merae bhai da
Te fiTae munh jawai da

Kikli kleer de
Pug meri Heer de
Dopatta Shah BhaTai da
Te jugg meri Mai da

A punjabi poem by Fauzia Rafiq

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‘Loose Character’ Reason Enough to Take Women’s Lives!

Religious fanatics have successfully ‘cleansed’ the world yet again by killing two women of ‘loose character’ in the NWFP in Pakistan. Ali Hazrat Bacha writes:
‘PESHAWAR, Aug 20: In the first incident of its kind in and around the provincial capital, bullet-riddled bodies of two women, who had been kidnapped from a village in Charsadda district a few days ago, were found in Guli Garhi village near here on Wednesday.
‘A note found near bodies described the victims as women of ‘loose character’ and said they had been killed because they had not heeded the warning of ‘Jaish-i-Islami’ to ‘mend their ways’.’
CMKP Digest Number 1583

Violence against women in Pakistan is rising as always, and now, the exponents of deified male supremacy, the false-morality-ridden religious bullies, are issuing public threats to women not just in the NWFP where Taliban are in strength but in the Punjab as well. And sure, ‘loose character’ is good reason to kill a woman; it does not even cost much in Qisas as the killers will only have to pay half of what they would pay to kill a man. And that is, IF brought to justice.

At the end of last month, the Acid TIP (Tehreek-e-Islami Taliban Pakistan) threatened to ‘Throw Acid on Women Not Wearing Hijab’ . Still I think, the Taliban may use further Saudi guidance in this area as the bastion of their ‘spirituality’ is way ahead with a father killing his daughter ‘for chatting on Facebook’ .

Earlier this month, ‘Militants threw acid on two Muslim women for not wearing veils and for putting make-up on their faces’ in Srinagar Kashmir. The women were high school teachers. The same report also mentions two other women who had ‘faced similar treatment in Kaksarai recently’.

Ansar Burney Trust, a human rights organization, finds that ‘in the vast majority of cases’ of women dying as a result of ‘domestic violence’, a term commonly still used in Pakistan for ‘woman assault’, were killed or mutilated by their husbands and in-laws, brothers and fathers, ex-husbands and ex-lovers. Regarding sexual violence, the Trust estimates that ‘as many as eight women – half of them minors – are raped in Pakistan everyday’. Reasons for rape: revenge on the woman or her family; Jirga/Punchayat ordered rape for her crimes or her family’s; and, by the police while in their custody. On average, ‘a woman suffers an acid attack every week in Pakistan’

Last year a woman Minister was ‘Shot Dead for Refusing to Wear Veil’. ‘Pakistani tells how he killed 4 daughters’. ‘Danish-Pakistani woman killed in honor murder’ for having a ‘bad character’.

Amnesty, Asia Pacific: ‘Women and girls are dying at the hands of their husbands, their fathers and brothers, while the authorities pay lip service to their obligations to protect them’.

And that is why it is so hard to fight, even resist, the religious fanatics because they are safeguarding the ‘interests’ of all men by providing them with a strong moral-religious ground to ‘control’ what is being perceived as ‘their women’.

We are our own women.
We will determine
our ‘characters’,
values, education, dresses,
makeup, and
the size of our boobs;
We will select our partners,
careers, videos, cds,
miniskirts, and
We will fight,
and get back the right
to live as we like;
To be who we are: Beautiful,
Graceful, Creative, and

Fauzia Rafique

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Ten Years of Human Rights Violations: Pakistan 1997- 2008

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has issued the following URGENT APPEALS for Pakistan during 1997 to July 2008.

Please note that this report brings together instances where the AHRC was moved to issue an Urgent Appeals action, and so, does not present a realistic picture of human rights violations in Pakistan, in that it can tell us about the kind of violations that are occurring but not the extent to which they are rampant in the country.

To get a better idea, please add to this the information provided by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Amnesty International, and Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML).

2008 To Date
(From the Nine Urgent Appeals issued in the first half of 2008, Four violations are done by the Police, One by the Army, and Four by influential groups with the support of the Police. Victims/Survivors are poor women, minorities, labourers, peasants, political and social activists.)

A 17-year-old girl was abducted by police officials and kept for almost 16 days in private custody where she was raped and tortured to confess her involvement in the murder of her fiancée. Her elder sister was also brought in police lock up and held, naked for three days naked to pressure the sister to confess to the charges.
PAKISTAN: A girl raped in custody by police officers and her sister kept nude in lock up

The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information that a high ranking police official, Senior Superintendent (SSP) Shafiq Gujjar, of the Punjab police, who was appointed by the newly elected Chief Minister of the Punjab province, Mr. Mian Shahbaz Shareef. Mr. Shafiq, the SSP, has used police officers of four different districts to keep a labourer in illegal detention for the return of some money to which the victim was witness/guarantor. The officers involved continued to deny his arrest even after 15 days following an investigation by a newspaper reporter.
PAKISTAN: Police officials kidnap and arbitrarily detain a labourer for ransom

Two persons have been killed whilst in police custody. One of the deceased was a political activist. In the first statement issued by the police they reported that no weapons were found in the possession of the victim. However, a subsequent statement issued the following day reported that the victims were traveling in a stolen car and that a pistol and ammunition had been recovered.
PAKISTAN: Two persons were killed in police encounter

A peasant was murdered, one was abducted and several more were injured in an attack by a powerful group. After the passing of almost three months no one has yet been arrested. A session court has rejected the application for anticipatory bail before the arrest of the accused persons but even then the police have not bothered to arrest anyone. The peasants have protested by blocking the roads and demanding that the police take action. However, the leader of the attackers is trying to turn the incident into a Muslim and Christian clash. Meanwhile, the victims and their families are suffering continuous harassment.
PAKISTAN: Perpetrators of murder enjoy impunity

A young couple has been threatened with death because they married without the permission of their parents. Powerful persons of the tribe in question, with the support of police authorities have killed a prominent journalist and injured the younger brother of the bride groom who were hiding the couple. The police have not arrested any of the killers, even after three months. The alleged murderers, who were mentioned in the First Information Report (FIR), are roaming around freely. The couple is hiding in different places but is in serious danger as the tribal people are following them.
PAKISTAN: Threat of death of a young couple under the name of honour killing

Officers of a military residential area, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), have stopped the local inhabitants from fishing in the areas close to the DHA, burned the boats, fishing nets, and their cycles, the only source of communication for fishermen, and barred them from using their ancestral jetty, in the name of beautification of the military residential area. The Sindh provincial government remains silent spectators.
PAKISTAN: Military officers dislocate centuries-old fishing communities

Two peace activists who were a holding demonstration on May 28, 2008, against the tenth anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear experimental detonations were arrested and one of them remains missing.
PAKISTAN: Anti nuclear demonstrators arrested, one activist remains missing

Mr. Mohammad Khan Lund, a human rights activist is presently in Deeplo Jail after being implicated in 57 cases allegedly by his political rival Dr. Arbab Rahim. The police at his instigation tortured Mr. Lund on several occasions at Deeplo police station and have also harassed his four sons and other family members.
PAKISTAN: A man falsely implicated in 57 First Information Reports (FIRs) and his family members are also facing 33 FIRs

the death sentence of a man from minority community, who is due to be executed on 12 March 2008. He was charged with murder however, he was allegedly severely tortured after the illegal arrest. It is also alleged that he was not provided any legal representative during the military trial. He was not allowed to communicate with his parent during his two years of military custody and meet his parents only after the military court convicted him.
PAKISTAN: Death by hanging of a man set on March 12 after confessing due to torture by military

The physical condition and health of a prominent lawyer, Mr. Munir A. Malik, former president of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Bar Association, whom we reported to have traces of blood in his urine due to severe torture while in custody, continues to deteriorate. Mr. Malik told his physicians after regaining consciousness that his health worsened after he was forced to drink the juices and food rations given to him whom he believed could have contained poison. No action has been taken against those involved in arresting, detaining and torturing him. Though the government claimed they had already released him, the security forces deployed at the hospital admitted that this is not the case.
PAKISTAN: Prominent lawyer tortured, poisoned in detention; two others held incommunicado

The police in Pakistan have been involved in beating, torturing and threatening a French researcher on 20 September 2007 and have not been charged. While no action has been taken against them, the police officials threaten local journalists and a local English language teacher, not to cover the story.
PAKISTAN: Higher police officers have impunity in the torture case of a French researcher

Several judges including the Chief Justice, of the Sindh High Court were threatened by a ruling political party in General Musharraf’s government on accepting the bail applications of several arrested lawyers on 29 September 2007. There were a variety of threats but the Chief Minister of the province condoned the actions of the ruling party, arguing that the writing against the Chief Justice is the “peoples’ voice”. It is alleged that the workers and leadership of the ruling party are involved in the mayhem of May 12, 2007, the killings of two lawyers in recent days and threats to office bearers of different Bar Associations, including attacks on the cars of sitting judges.
PAKISTAN: Chief Justice of a provincial High Court was threatened by a ruling party

One person was shot dead and more than 10 were injured by thugs, with the help of the police, during an illegal demolition on 3 October 2007. However the case has not been filed nor has an investigation been initiated. This is allegedly due to interference from the ruling party, which originally sent the thugs to demolish the houses in the village.
PAKISTAN: One person shot dead and several injured by firing during illegal demolition

About the torture and inhuman treatment of eight persons by the police in Khaipure Mirs District, Sindh. The police tied the detainees with ropes and chains around their necks. The detainees were also forced to bark like dogs and bite each other like wild bears; if they refused, they would be beaten.
PAKISTAN: Torture and inhuman treatments to eight detainees falsely charged by the police

Gross negligence of the part of the High Court of Sindh on persons who are believed to be illegally detained in the military torture cells in Rawal Pindi. Mr. Salim Baloch, the vice president of the Jamhoori Watan Party who was released on 14 December 2006 after his 9 month illegal detention by the military, gave his testimony before the High Court and also gave names of persons who are still detained in the military torture camp in Rawal Pindi where he was detained. However, the High Court simply disposed off his habeas corpus case saying that the case is no longer valid due to his release. The Court neither ordered an inquiry about his torture and illegal detention by the army nor took subsequent action to locate the disappeared persons, who are still detained in the military torture cells in Rawal Pindi.
PAKISTAN: Gross negligence of the High Court of Sindh on disappeared persons who are allegedly detained in the military torture cells

Two more alleged disappearance cases from Sindh province in Pakistan which separately took place in July and August 2006. To date the whereabouts of the victims remain unknown. The victims have gone missing after allegedly being taken by police and army personnel. In one case, the victim was allegedly abducted by the police. In the second case, the victim was arrested by the plain clothed security personnel only because his name was similar with that of a wanted terrorist. In both cases, the police denied of arresting the men and had refused to register the complaints lodged by their families until the courts issued an order. Both victims do not have any political affiliations.
PAKISTAN: Two more persons are missing after being allegedly arrested by the security forces

Regarding a 23 year-old man named Mustafa Rehman who had his college application rejected based on his disability by the King Edward Medical College in Lahore, Punjab province, Pakistan. Even though he is qualified for admission, he has allegedly been denied entry by the university admission committee. The university’s actions are illegal under Pakistani law which clearly states that people who are disabled have a right to pursue higher education as long as the student does not suffer from “mental retardation”.
PAKISTAN: Disabled student has been allegedly denied admission to a medical college based on his condition

The government of the North Western Frontier Province has banned the booklet on Kashmir titled “Kashmir Ki Pukar” (loud voice of Kashmir) on October 21 by issuing an official notification. The writer was informed through telephone calls that if he enters the province he will face dire consequences, including loss of his life. The writer is receiving threatening calls at his home and to his mobile phone insisting that he denounce the book and make an apology in public, otherwise his family will not be safe. The writer says that most of the calls are from the officials of Pakistan secret services (ISI). When the writer made a phone call to the number from which he was receiving the threats no one answers the call. Even if it was answered by chance, there is just an announcement telling that this number is not in use. The police have not yet registered the author’s complaint of being threaten yet.
PAKISTAN: A book on Kashmir was banned and writer is threatened with death by Islamic fundamentalist government of a province

Regarding the disappearance of two political party leaders after being arbitrarily arrested by the police during the peaceful protest meeting in Karachi city, Sindh province, Pakistan on 3 December 2006. The victims were allegedly shifted to an army torture camp and their whereabouts are unknown since then.
PAKISTAN: Two political party leaders are missing after their alleged arrest by the police and army intelligence personnel

Pakistani government has arrested more than 400 political and human rights activists within 72 hours from the night of 27 November 2006 to stop the planned protest during President Musharraff’s two day visit to Balochistan province from 30 November 2006. We were also informed that the government has imposed the maintenance of Public Order Ordinance throughout the province and also arrested the former chief minister of Balochistan. This is clear violation of freedom of assembly and expression of people in Balochistan and we call for your urgent intervention into this matter.
PAKISTAN: More than 400 activists arrested within 72 hours prior to President’s visit to Balochistan

An alleged abduction and subsequent torture of a senior journalist of the BBC by the military personnel from Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan on 20 November 2006. He was reportedly tortured for about 30 hours at an unknown place and then thrown in a far flung jungle. In a separate incident, the transmissions of Sindh Television network based in Bangkok, Thailand have been banned according to verbal instruction of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) since 8 November 2006. As far as we have confirmed, no valid written notice has been issued by the PEMRA regarding this matter. The alleged reason is that this Sindh Television was producing a weekly satirical program about the performance of the Pakistan government and government ministers including the president and prime minister.
PAKISTAN: An alleged abduction and torture of a journalist by military personnel and the banning of a Sindh television channel by the government

Regarding the illegal arrest and subsequent brutal torture of Mr. Hayat Khan Marri, a mason by profession and resident of B-437 Sector 7 Bilal Colony in Northern Karachi, by officers of the Liaquatabad Police Station in Karachi city, Sindh province, Pakistan on 30 September 2006.
PAKISTAN: Man implicated with false charges, and brutally tortured by police

Save the life of Mr. Mirza Tahir Hussain (aged 38), who is facing imminent execution scheduled for early November after Ramadan, the fasting month for Muslims. He, who was 18 years old at that time, had been charged with murder in 1988, but was acquitted of all charges against him by the Lahore High Court in 1996. However, the Federal Shariat Court suddenly claimed its jurisdiction over the case under Islamic law, overturned high court judgement and sentenced him to death in 1998. The Supreme Court upheld the judgement of the Shariat Court in 2003 and dismissed Mr. Hussain’s appeal in 2004. Only an act of clemency by the President can save Mr. Mirza Tahir Hussain’s life.
PAKISTAN: A man deprived of a fair trial faces imminent execution

About the severe torture of two men by the Saddar police in Faisalabad district, Punjab province, Pakistan on 10 September 2006. The victims have been reportedly charged with a false blasphemy case after the police failed to present concrete evidence of an alleged theft case against them. In Pakistan, charging a person with the blasphemy laws is the easiest way to book any minority person. We also received information that the families of the victims fled their homes due to the brutal attack by local Muslims and that the lives of the victims are in danger due to constant threats by the other inmates in the jail. We call for your immediate intervention into this case to ensure the safety of the victims.
PAKISTAN: Torture of two men after being falsely charged under blasphemy law

The Ministry of Defence Production has illegally banned the trade unions of an industrial corporation named Karahi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW) in Karachi city, Sindh province, Pakistan on 26 August 2006. The cancellation order of the registration of the concerned trade unions was imposed without lawful procedures. This action directly affects about 3,000 workers.
PAKISTAN: Illegal ban of trade unions by the government

Regarding a discriminatory close down of the The Mast FM 103 radio station at Balakot, North West Frontier Province by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on 23 August 2006. It is believed that the PEMRA’s action is due to the Mast FM 103’s criticism on the alleged misuse of funds and corruption in the rehabilitation programmes carried out by the government agencies in the earthquake affected area.
PAKISTAN: A radio station was discriminatorily closed down by the government

Regarding the destruction of Christian churches and schools by people enraged at the alleged blasphemy of the Holy Quran. According to the information we have received, on 12 November 2005, a mob attacked three Churches, a Sister’s Convent, a Christian school building and a Pastor’s house. The mob vandalised and destroyed properties in Sangla Hills for over an hour. Christian families living in the Sangla Hills were forced to leave their homes the night before due to the threats and intimidation from locals living in the area.
PAKISTAN: Desecration and destruction of churches and Christian property after blasphemy allegations at Sangla Hills, Pakistan

Regarding an extrajudicial killing of a young man by the Khosar police. According to the information we have received, Mr. Amjad Masih (25), who was accused of the theft, was tortured to death by the Khosar police in front of his sister on around 22 October 2005. Four responsible officers were arrested with murder charges on October 23 after the outraged local villagers of the France Colony shouted for justice outside the Khosar Police Station. This is ¤± good development that the perpetrators were arrested, however the AHRC worries that they will escape from punishment in the end as happened in many previous cases in Pakistan.
PAKISTAN: A young man beaten to death by the Khosar police in Islamabad

Regarding the murder of a 16-year-old girl following a Jirga calling for her death for having dishonoured her tribe. Ms. Bashi of the Luhar tribe left her parents home to marry Mr. Munaware of the Otho tribe. When her father and several relatives approached the elder of their tribe, Mr. Mir Hassan Luhar, he called upon a Jirga of the eminent persons of his tribe. The Jirga at first found that the girl must be returned to her tribe. In a second hearing it decided that the girl must be killed. Accordingly, the girl’s father and six other relatives took the girl to a nearby canal where they suffocated her and buried her body.
PAKISTAN: Jirga orders the murder of a 16-year-old girl

Yet another honour killing case in Shikarpur District, Sindh Province, Pakistan. According to this information, 22-year-old, Ms. Soneet was killed by her husband, Mohammad Sidique on 17 September 2005. It was reported that Mohammed Sidique killed his wife on suspicion of her having had extra-marital relations with her relative, Mr. Noor Mohammad. A First Investigation Report (FIR) No. 162/05 under Sections 302, 201 Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) has been registered regarding this case at the New Faujdari police station, whose officials maintain that an investigation is underway, but has not been completed as yet. However, our sources say that the police are in fact avoiding the case and have said that the victim’s death is a “private matter”. The police are apparently also of the view that both sides will reconcile their differences once in court.
PAKISTAN: A husband suffocated and drowned his wife on the pretext of an honour killing

Regarding approximately 50 civil activists who were charged with sedition against the State by the police after they held a protest at the Lakhi Gate Tower Ghowk on 17 October 2004. The protesters gathered at the Lakhi Gate Tower Ghowk to express their concern over growing insecurity of life and property due to deteriorating law and order in Shikarpur district.
PAKISTAN: A group of human rights defenders charged with sedition in Shikarpur

Another honor killing case from Sindh Province, Pakistan. According to the information received, a 16-year-old girl, Gulzar, and her 19-year-old cousin, Ghulam Mustafa, were killed by Gulzar’s brother, Abdul Majeed, on 21 April 2004 on the pretext of honor killing. Even though he has filed the complaint against the perpetrator, Ghulam Mustafa’s father has shown his distrust in the Pakistani legal system and wants to settle this matter through a tribal court jirga, which was banned by the Sindh High Court decision of last April. In Pakistan, the victims’ families prefer the jirga system rather than the government’s judicial system to deal with their matters, because it has failed to provide speedy justice to the victims.
PAKISTAN: A dual murder of 16-year-old girl and a 19-year-old boy on the pretext of honor killing

A 20-year-old woman named Saran has been killed by her husband Nawab in the pretext of honor killing on 8 September 2004. The perpetrator has not been arrested yet. This is already the twelfth honor killing case AHRC has reported from Sindh Province since February.
PAKISTAN: A young woman killed by her husband with false allegation

Another honor killings case from Sindh Province, Pakistan. According to the information received, Ms. Mehan (22) was shot dead by her nephew Altaf (25) at her house in in Mirzapur village, Shikarpur district, Sindh province early in the morning of 7 July 2004. After killing his aunt, Altaf claimed that he killed her because she had illicit sexual relations with a man named Mr. Dilshad. It is reported that Mr. Dilshad left the village because he feared being killed by Altaf.
PAKISTAN: A woman killed by her nephew on the pretext of honor killing

A cleric, Qari Mohammad Noor, arrested last week for suspected al-Qaeda links has died in custody in controversial circumstances. While the post-mortem reports have not been disclosed to the public, human rights groups claim that there were marks of torture on Noor’s body.
PAKISTAN: A cleric dies in custody after being detained for suspected al-Qaeda links

Another case of honor killing from Shikarpur district, Sindh province, Pakistan. According to the information received, on 14 July 2004, Ms. Sabhai (40) was shot dead by her younger brother Aashiq Ali (32) alias Babu in front of her son at the bus stop near Bhaya canal, Karan village, Shiarpur district. According to the victim’s son, his uncle blamed his mother for having illicit relations with a man named Mumtaz who is their distant relative. However, he maintained that his mother was innocent and his uncle imposed the fake allegation on her. It was also reported that Aashiq Ali was allegedly spurred by his friends to kill his sister because she was a shame to his family.
PAKISTAN: A brother killed his sister on the pretext of honor killing

Another “honor killing” case reported from Shikarpur district, Sindh Province, Pakistan. Even though AHRC has issued several honor killing cases, the state government of Sindh province as well as the government of Pakistan have not taken any serious action to abolish this brutal practice.
PAKISTAN: Honor killing takes lives of 19-year-old girl and 30-year-old man

Regarding the assault and abduction of Pastor Wilson Fazal, on 16 May 2004 in Quetta, Pakistan. Prior to this incident, three churches in Quetta had reportedly received letters instructing them to expel all Muslims from their institutions and to abandon their preaching and other activities. This case reflects the ongoing abuse of minorities and religious intolerance in Pakistan. Your urgent action is required to pressure the Government of Pakistan to take effective steps in protecting the rights of all minorities and ensuring that discriminatory legislation is repealed.
PAKISTAN: Christian pastor abducted and assaulted in Quetta

Zafar Iqbal, who had been in police custody in connection with a house robbery attempt, has allegedly been tortured to death by the police officers from the Westridge Police Station in Rawalpindi Division. The victim¡¦s body was not yet found. Your urgent action is required to correct this matter.
PAKISTAN: A man was disappeared after being severely tortured at the Westridge Police Station

The police illegally arrested and severely tortured 10-year-old Tasawar Abbas, in order to know the whereabouts of his elder brother even though he did not commit any crime. His father, who was accused of illegally cutting grass from the landlord’s field, was also tortured at the police station. It is a brutal human rights violation and the AHRC requests your action to correct this matter immediately.
PAKISTAN: A 10-year-old boy and his father severely tortured by police officers

The imminent execution of a juvenile offender, Mohammad Amin, aged 16. Your urgent action is required to pressure the Pakistan government to commute the death sentence of Mohammad Amin.
PAKISTAN: Imminent execution of a juvenile offender

An 18-year-old young boy Sunil Samuel was sexually assaulted by inmates at Camp Jail Lahore. After lodging a complaint [to prison authorities], he was tortured to death by two prison officials on 19 August 2003. Your urgent action is requested to pressure the Pakistani government to conduct the impartial and immediate investigation into Sunil Samuel’s case and arrest the responsible persons to justice.
PAKISTAN: Christian youth, Sunil Samuel, 18, sexually assaulted and tortured to death

On September 30, 2002, police clashed with protestors peacefully demonstrating against the Mangla Dam extension in Mirpur, a city in the Pakistani controlled area of Kashmir. The police attacked the demonstrators with batons and tear gas, arresting 13 people and injuring others. Mr. Najeeb Asfar, a member of the Association of British Kashmiris, reported that following the incident, most of Mirpur City was put under curfew.
KASHMIR: Pakistani police assault peaceful demonstrators

The Joint Action Committee for Peace (JAC) strongly condemns the gruesome killing of seven staff members of Idara-e-Amn-o-Insaf and demands security to those who were injured in the gory incident that took place in the office of the organization. They are the eyewitnesses of the incident and their life is at great risk. We urge the government to fulfill its primary responsibility of providing security to its citizens.
PAKISTAN: Seven Christian human rights and peace activists were killed by militant group

An additional sessions judge in Lahore imposed the death penalty and a fine of 500,000 rupees (US,335) on Mr. Anwar Kenneth, a former officer in the government’s Fisheries Dept., in a blasphemy case that was registered with the Gawalmandi police in Pakistan.
PAKISTAN: Another person sentenced to death under blasphemy law

There have been at least 150 people killed, 400 injured and 100,000 people have left their homes and migrated in Kashmir since mid-May 2002. Heavy weapons are killing daily innocent civilians and destroying homes and other public and private property, and civilians are being forced to flee on both sides of the LOC. After the statement of Indian Prime Minister, Atal Bahari Vajpayee that India is going to start a decisive war against Pakistan, panic has spread among the public, particularly in Kashmir.
KASHMIR (INDIA/PAKISTAN): Clouds of war and killing of innocent civilians across the Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir

This is an update on the attack at the office of IDAR-O-INSAF (Institute for Justice and Peace) on 25 September 2002, which left seven activists dead and one seriously injured. The sole witness of the incident, Mr. Robin Peeran Ditta (32) was kidnapped by the police and later released. Actually, Mr. Ditta had been illegally held in custody and considered a suspect because only his life was spared. Therefore, his family and lawyers had been feared for his safety and believed that he was being tortured.
UPDATE (PAKISTAN): Sole witness of attack kidnapped, lawyers and activists beaten by the police

We have discovered with dismay that despite a previous Supreme Court stay of execution on the young Pakistani mother Robina Khan (also known as Rubina Ansari), the sentence may still go ahead. President Musharraf has apparently stated that the sentence could be commuted on the proviso that the family of Ms. Hajjan Aziz Begun, aged 70, (who was allegedly murdered by Ms. Rubina in the case) accepted the reduction in sentence.
PAKISTAN: Rubina’s life still in danger

The killing of Ayub Masih by the military government of Pakistan under the infamous Blasphemy Law 295-C. Under this law, the only evidence needed is one ‘reliable’ man’s word that the accused made derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad. In this case the one ‘reliable’ male witness has benefited enormously – financially and socially – from the conviction. This should be reason enough to throw the case out.
PAKISTAN: Death Sentence for Alleged Blasphemy

The military government of Pakistan plans to carry out the death sentence on Ms. Robina Khan, aged 22, on the 17th July. She will be killed by hanging, unless the President chooses to commute her sentence. She is being held at the Multan Women’s Jail [First Incident Report no. 310, Factory area, Sargodha police station].
PAKSITAN: Young mother sentenced to death

We have received reliable information from religious group in Pakistan regarding Mr. Parvez Masih, who has been accused of blasphemy and now faced with grave danger. Blasphemy in Pakistan is an ill-defined offense that carries the mandatory death sentence.
PAKISTAN: Death threats to minorities by the fundamentalist

Over the last week, more than 2000 activists and politicians have been arrested by Pakistan’s military regime. On March 23rd, Pakistan National day, the 16-party Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy (ARD) attempted to hold protest to call for an immediate end to military rule. As of result, a further 100 political leaders, including Javed Hashmi (a senior figure in the Pakistan Muslim League) were arrested by police.
PAKISTAN – Denial of Right to Freedom of Assembly, Political Arrests

Fr. Arnold Heredia (60), former Executive Secretary of the Committee for Justice & Peace Karachi, was among 17 protestors arrested and detained in Karachi at 4.00 p.m. on 10 January, 2001. As of the time of writing, an application for their release on bail has not been accepted. Two other Christian laymen, Aslam Martin and Riaz Nawab, are among the detainees.
PAKISTAN: A human rights activist Fr. Arnold Heredia was detained

Regarding Dr. Younus Shaikh, who has been arrested for ‘Blasphemy’ in Pakistan. Blasphemy is an ill-defined offense which carries the mandatory death sentence in Pakistan. As such, Dr. Shaikh’s life is in grave danger. Below is all of the information about Dr. Shaikh’s case from IHEU, followed by suggested actions.
PAKISATAN: Dr. Shaikh may face Death Sentence for Blasphemy

The operation began in February/March 1999 when a katchi abadi of over 600 households was demolished. This abadi was named Sumbul Kuruk and stood near Rawal Dam. In this abadi resided “mutasreen” who had never been properly compensated by the CDA after they had acquired the land in teh 1960s. There were also later migrants who were illegal settlers but had lived there for up to 35 years with the implicit consent of the CDA. These people are now spread out all over the city, most of them renting rooms on a temporary basis.
PAKISTAN: Bulldozers set to move in on katchi abadi


A joint delegation of Christian and Muslim leaders met with Raja Zafarul Haq, Federal Minister for Religious and Minorities Affairs, on May 19,1998 in Islamabad and expressed their concern over the misuse of blasphemy laws. They also shared their grievances about those falsely accused under these laws. During the meeting the Christian leaders called for the repeal of the laws.
Pakistan: Situation After the Death of Bishop John Joseph

The funeral service of Bishop John Joseph, who committed suicide as a protest against the blasphemy laws in Pakistan on 6 May 1998 , was held in his native village Khushpur, District Faisalabad, Friday 8th May.. Though the government of Pakistan tried to minimize the effect of the Bishop’s death by controlling the news, thousands of people, Christians (Catholics and Protestants) and Muslims attended the funeral service. Other mourners included diplomats, political figures and well known human rights activists Asma Jehangir, I.A.Rehman, and Hina Jillani. People came from various parts of the country to pay homage to their beloved leader.
Pakistan: Message by NCJPP on Bishop’s Death and Funeral

Bishop John Joseph fired a bullet into his head on 6 May 1998 in a court-house where a Catholic was sentenced to death on 27 April under the blasphemy law of Pakistan. The blasphemy law in Pakistan has been condemned throughout the world for many years, but there had been no change in the provisions of the criminal law, which allow death sentence for alleged acts of blasphemy. Under the blasphemy law, a person is convicted on the same day on which he is accused of the offence. At the trials under these laws no defenders are allowed to represent the accused, and the courts themselves have to reckon with the intense pressure of fundamentalists. In many instances, this law is abused for private purposes such as land disputes or business rivalries.
Pakistan: Eminent Catholic Bishop Sacrifices His Life to Protest

16 April 98 the District management supported by police force demolished the All Pakistan Trade Union Office. The office is located at 114 – Gulberg Road, Industrial Area, Kashmir Road, Gulberg, Lahore. No warning was given by the police. Police aggressively attacked the workers and beaten them when they try to stop the demolition.
Pakistan: Five Unionists Arrested and Office Demolished


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