Isa Vandi’s Film, Roop Dhillon’s Intro, Artists page: Uddari 07/08

Isa Vandi is a brave and creative woman who suffered traumas at the hands of the Islamicist regime in Iran where many years back, her sister was stoned to death. Vandi now has her own studio and gallery in Sweden. Her Farsi film ‘Ruqs, Zer-e-Parcha-e-Sufaid‘ (Dance, Below White Sheets) gives voice and courage to the survivors of political oppression. View it in Vancouver, July 17. More information on Cultural Events page.

British Punjabi author Roop Dhillon’s introduction is now at Punjabi MaaNboli Writers page. Dhillon has written a novel titled ‘Neela Noor’ in a Punjabi that sways more to an ‘ex-patriot’ expression of itself giving rise to controversy over the usage. View author intro here: Roop Dhillon

Uddari Art Exhibition now has an Artists page with short introductions to Kanwal Dhaliwal, Prem Singh and SL Prasher.

There is wonderful feedback on the Survey to find Ten Best Punjabi Books. Raj Paul Singh of People’s Forum Punjabi says this in his email message: “Thanks for showing keen interest in the survey of best Punjabi books and putting appeal for this survey on your weblog. Responses to this survey have started pouring in. We will share the outcome of this survey with you.”
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