Punjabi Survey, Prem Singh’s Art, Mashoo’s Poems: Uddari 07/08

There is an urgent request for a short survey from readers and writers of Punjabi to determine ten best Punjabi books.

In other words, list your favorites.

“Top Ten Punjabi Books
“We, People’s Forum Punjabi (Regd), are doing a survey of Punjabi books – both the original and translated works in Punjabi – in order to prepare a reading list for the new generation readers.

“We’d like to know the following:
Which are your most favorite five books?
What other five books would you suggest for the new generation to read?

“We hope that you’ll email us the list within 15 days.”
Email adresses:
Raj Paul Singh (Kotkapura 98767 10809) at rajpaulsingh@gmail.com or call:
K. Bargari at kbargari@hotmail.com

To facilitate and support this effort, this survey will be online at Uddari soon.

(Note: The link for online survey: Ten Best Punjabi Books

We have a new poet at Punjabi Poems page. Read ‘SadrAN de Peeng‘ and ‘Lamba Painda‘ by UK-based Mashoo, in Roman.

View Patiala-born Artist Prem Singh’s oil painting ‘Whispering Trees‘ at Uddari Art Exhibition, and wait for more of his work this week. Also worth viewing is a set of erotic drawings by Prem Singh, now offered by the website of British Museum of Erotic Art.

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