150 Years of Tagore! Richmond BC – Sept 10/11

On behalf of
World Poetry Richmond
Vancouver Tagore Society, and
The City of Richmond
We would like to invite you to
A special Life Celebration of
Poet and visionary Rabindranath Tagore

The event will be full of music, poetry, lectures, displays, dance and features.

Admission is free, fun-filled family event, something for everyone.

150 Years of Tagore!
11:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday September 10, 2011
Richmond Cultural Centre
#100-7000 Minoru Gate
Richmond, BC.

World Poetry Richmond, City of Richmond & Vancouver Tagore Society
Proudly Present
The Life Celebration of Rabindranath Tagore
Hosts Ariadne Sawyer, Alejandro Mujica-Olea, Anuradha Mitra & Duke Ashrafuzzaman
First Nations Welcome
Roberta Price
Biography of Tagore
Lee Tan
Featured guests
Dr. Stephen Gill, Cornwall, Ontario
Ashok Bhargava, Vancouver, BC.
Dr. Jianhua Zhang, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Tapestry of Words
World Poetry Multilingual Tagore Poems
Koyali Burman, Jasmine Dance Club, Arno Kamolika
Songs and Music
Sanzida Habib Swati, Shankhanaad Mallick, Tanaya Guha, Avik Ranjan Dey, Amlan Das Gupta, Saif Islam, Arno Kamolika, Sabuj Mazumder, Subhamoy Dasgupta
Tagore and Universalism: Lee Tan
Tagore and Rural Reconstruction: Santanu Mitra
Tagore and Emancipation of Women: Leena Chatterjee
Tagore and the Crisis of Civilization Today: Ananda Lee Tan

Lectures interspersed with live Tagore music, poetry and dance.
Tagore Exhibits & World Poetry Display.
Children and Youth activities.

Free Admission

For more information Vancouver Tagore Society: 604-635-4378
World Poetry: www.worldpoetry.ca
City of Richmond: 604-276-4391
Facebook Event: 150 Years of Tagore!.

Slumbering Over Islamic Unity

A widespread occurrence of deep sleep, napping, snoozing, dozing and blissful slumber has been witnessed by heidariam.blogfa.com during the sessions of the 21st International Conference on Islamic Unity in Tehran held May 4 to 6 in 2008.

According to a story posted May 5th, 2008 by Mudassir Rizwan, Muslim Ulema from Oman, Sudan, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Germany, the US, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, France, Morocco, India, Algeria, Hong Kong, Qatar, Britain, Denmark, Iraq, Turkey, Gambia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates are participating; over a hundred articles from foreign and domestic authors have been received by the secretariat of the conference of which 70 articles have been selected for presentation, he said.
“Preparing grounds for unity and solidarity of the Muslim World and bringing closer various cultural and scientific views are major goals of the conference. The participants are also to promote coexistence and find way out of current obstacles including the enemies’ plots and secular thoughts. The Islamic unity charter which has so far been signed by over 2,000 Muslim thinkers and scholars will be studied by the delegates.”

Here, find the Umah in action.

From waging heroic struggle against the onSlumber Image 015salught of sleep

To a continued resistance against it;

Slumber Image 011

From hiding faces

Slumber Image 009

To Giving in;

Slumber Image 010

From going overboard,

Slumber Image 004

To blissfulness,

Slumber Image 008

To an invitation to an open slumber party.

Slumber Image 003

No wonder, people in North America are inquiring about the materials those chairs and tables are made of; about the general environment of that place in Tehran; about the sounds heard by the participants; and, indeed the ideas discussed by the presenters. Their quest is to adopt or improvise the methods used in this Conference to bring sleep to millions of sleepless North American. This can be a breakthrough for consumers who are spending fortunes on sleep-inducing and anti-depressant drugs, on special mattresses and beds, pillows and pillow covers, and on slumber music and videos.

Keep our fingers crossed.

Information sent to Uddari by Shahid Mirza of Lahore Chitrkar.

More on Islamic Unity
I need my sleep!