Poet Zeeshan Sahil: Life and Works

Some links to comemorate Zeeshan Sahil’s life and his creative work; from a message forwarded by Ajmal Kamal.

From: Khuda Bux Abro <abro@khi.comsats.net.pk>
Date: Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 1:09 PM
Subject: [People’sResistance] Eminent Urdu Poet Zeeshan Sahil is no more
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Eminent Urdu Poet Zeeshan Sahil is no more

Twelve poems by Zeeshan Sahil

“If I did not write poetry then I would not have done anything. Writing
poetry is my vocation and not a hobby or habit.. Perhaps from the age of
ten or twelve I started to write bits and pieces, a major part of which
was poetry. I did not give much thought to education or making money which
I sometimes regret But poetry took hold of me gradually, so now the fact
that I am a poet gives me great pleasure.”

This is Zeeshan Sahil, the shy, almost ethereal poet whose collection of
poems on Karachi, entitled Karachi aur doosri nazme, is a poignant
documentation of the city torn apart by murder, political revenge and
civil carnage in the nineties. Published in 1995 these poems confirmed
Sahil as a first rate poet.

Zeeshan Sahil, an Urdu poet once wrote of our city, our home, “It is a lie
that in Karachi, after the rain, the sprouting grass doesn’t have blades
deep green and soft. Or that the trees do not give shade without the help
of clouds … With us in Karachi live birds who fly from trees through the
sound of bullets and bombs; perch on walls; always they gather somewhere
to pray. Our books don’t wait inside cupboards for termites. Now our
hearts swim these seas where once our eyes searched for golden flowers and
our hands tear down the walls that once buried us alive”. This, like the
calling of Sahil’s birds, is a prayer for us and for our city, our home.
Let us await the day that our hands tear down those walls; it won’t be

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