Not just ‘like’ – LOVE the Preetlari Trust

Preetlari Trust, the publisher of monthly Preetlari, is catching a second wind via Facebook where Activist Shumita Didi Sandhu, Editor Poonam Singh, Publisher Ratikant Singh and other supporters are coming together to strengthen a lasting literary publishing tradition in the Punjab.

The trust was formed in 1984 in the aftermath of the killing by the militants of the then Editor of Preetlari, Sumeet Singh. Since then, Poonam and Ratikant have been publishing the magazine, and in that, the guiding roles of Sh. P.H. Vaishnav, Dr. Maan Singh Nirankaari, Smt. Mohinder Navtej Singh and Smt. Santosh Balraj Sahni are much appreciated.

With the publishing of Preetlari magazine, Preetlari Trust also organizes literary and social events in Preetnagar, Chandigarh and Delhi. It has presented puppet shows, poster workshops, street plays, dramatised story readings, art workshops, exhibitions, talks and readings; and has hosted artists, writers and cultural activists coming from diverse areas and backgrounds to develop dynamic spaces for discussions and dialogue to take place.

In 2011, the Trust expanded to include community building work for Preetnagar’s children by offering remedial education, nutrition information, computer literacy, and team building. The old community centre, Preet Ghar, has also been re-opened for villagers, visitors, artistes and volunteers.

To sustain its publishing and community building work, Preetlari Trust needs urgent support. Please donate through cheque/cash to:
Saanjhey Ranng Punjab De or ‘SRPD’
Payable at AXIS BANK, G.K.1, New Delhi
Account No: 049010100442916

Details here: Facebook Page
For more information contact Editor Poonam Singh:

So, don’t just ‘like’ but LOVE the Preetlari Trust, and not only because it has such a beautiful name, ‘lovestring’.