Inside Uddari: Punjabi Publishers, Magazines and Artists

View and contribute to a growing list of Punjabi language publishers at Punjabi Authors and Publishers page with entries from India, Pakistan, Canada and US. As well, a list of Punjabi magazines is in the making at the same page.
List of Punjabi Language Publishers
List of Punjabi Magazines
The Cultural Events Page has information on a yearly multilingual poetry meet called Kavi-Durbar happening in Milpitas CA on July 27 at 2pm; and, about a workshop on Classical Music of South Asia in New Delhi August 22 and 23.
Read Ajmer Rode’s poem Kalli on Punjabi poems page.
Uddari Art Exhibition displays the works of two Punjabi women artists with diverse themes and styles, Ayesha Farooq from UK, and Navpreet Kaur from India.