Now Bin Laden Will Never Die. Thanks, Yo US-led Bullies of the World!

Osama Bin Laden, a Muslim Fundamentalist that i could never support, has now become a symbol of resistance against the US-led bullies of this world. Marauding human rights of the peoples of the first, second, and the third world through unprecedented violence of their policies of trade, weapons, interference and occupation of sovereign countries and people, the US&Friends continue to be the aggressors with too much blood on their hands.

It’s an ‘honour kill’ to save the ‘honour’ of the United States and Allies, and like all killings carried out for ‘honour’, this one also has privilege/resources/material-gain as the reason.

In ‘Muslim’ environments, Bin Laden’s execution will strengthen religious fundamentalism and encourage religion-based parties to mount crushing opposition against the ‘moderate’ Muslim formations struggling to build democratic and rights-based movements in our countries. Of course, it will worsen the situation of Muslim women, and will increase religion-based crimes against minority communities in Muslim majority countries, and it will make life more difficult for under-privileged people. As well, it will legitimize the existence of all militarized Muslim groups and their policies of violence and vigilantism, and the laws promulgated by structures of informal/parallel justice systems.

‘Thousand Thanks’, as the Danes might say in English, to the selfstyled and socalled ‘protectors of democracy and human rights’ for making a martyr out of a religious fanatic, for providing another tool to Muslim fundamentalists to destroy democratic movements in Muslim countries, for hijacking our lives yet again and offering them to violence, conspiracy and intrigue of the ‘un-reason’.

Our friend NewsClots came in handy again by illustrating the boundaries of Bin Laden’s influence in the non-Muslim world where the same US-led bullies have been active. ‘Friends called me today and reminded me about the lyrics we once sang…when we got kicked out by that ‘US embassy peace concert’ at V Park in 2003…’.

Below is the song written/composed by Trinidad musician André Michael Tanker (1941-2003).

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Ben Lion U Bin Baad Man
By André Michael Tanker

Tat Tat TaTaTa Tat, Tat Tat TaTaTa Tat
La la lalaaiee, La La la la la la lalaaaiee

Ben Lion U Bin Baad Man
Why O Why suh Why yuh go wine in dese people place..
Ben Ruude Boy, Ben Baaad Boy,
Say you wine right down to de ground and mash up de place…

De eagle was flying high
Until you cause him to cry
Now all all over de dance dey calling your name…
Dey say you are wanted man
And it is time dat you understan’
De tings dat dey say you do dey coming for you…

Ben Lion Bin Baad Man (1)

Wha did yoo umb boom ba bam bam (4)

Now Bulldog looking for you
India helping them too
Monkey jump up and throw a net was master de fence
Things not like they was before
These grounds(?) are spreading(?) war
And the party is who could wine who could go win this time
So yuh best ask wine

Ben Lion Ben Baad Man (1)

Wha did yoo um boom bam bam (6)
Lala …

Dey want you to misbehave
To come out your cave and wave
Dey want you to form a line to stand up and wine…
(wine for them!)
But you too fast on your feet
And you know your way round de street
You wave shifting from side to side dey can’t get inside
(Dey aiming wide….)

Ben Lion Ben Baad Man (1)

All Caribbean, Hohoh!,
Come inside de fence,
All American, Ho! Ho!
Come inside de fence
All Afghanistan! Ho! Ho! Ho!,
De more defense I have is one world, a free world

La la lalaieee…

Bushman jump in de line
He say what is yours is mine
Bring Madonna to help him move was a waste of time
So he sent for Jennifer
(J-Lo!), a hip dancer
So to get him to move in time but de man can’t wine…
(He jes can’t wine)

Ben Lion Ben Baad Man (1)

Dey say dat dey catch a man
Dey tink dat is Ben Lion
But dey never check for de wine
Dat was his true sign!
So his feat are paying for all
We really having a ball…
Look out for de real Lion in de Carnival
Look, Bacchanal…

Ben Lion Ben Baad Man (1)

All Caribbean! Hohoh!
Come inside in de fence,
All American, Ho! Ho!
Come inside in de fence,
All Afghanistan, Ho! Ho! Ho!
The more defense I have is one world, A free world

(They want you to misbehave…
To come out your cave and wave)
La la la…

(01 Ben Lion.m4a could not be loaded)

‘And here is a rather tooo short but absolutely haunting intro by Andre…’

‘This live version is a little diffused… but its got the energy of the words…’

‘Then here’s an interesting pan version by the El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School Steel Orchestra, Performing Ben Lion’ by Andre Tanker ft 3 Canal at the 2003 Junior SteelBand Music.’

Tanker’s Facebook page:

‘The Trini Andre Tanker who wrote these lyrics with 3 Canal song died (or was done in) that very year. André Michael Tanker (September 25, 1941 Woodbrook, Port of Spain – February 28, 2003) was a Trinidad and Tobago musician and composer. Tanker was considered one of the most original musicians that the country produced. His influence on the music of Trinidad and Tobago was compared by David Rudder to that of Bob Dylan in US music. Tanker’s work defines the Caribbean folk-jazz genre. We hear he died at the 2003 carnival cos the ambulance couldn’t get through the crowds…’

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Women Slam Govt on ‘Honour’ Killings in Pakistan

In a historic declaration this Thursday, women’s rights groups vowed to exercise ‘zero-tolerance’ for ‘honour’ killings; and, told the Government of Pakistan to measure up in eradicating all forms of violence against women.

Stunned by the inhuman ordeal of five Baloch women who were buried alive by their male relatives and local political goons ostensibly for ‘family honour’, women activists and leaders from 13 cities came together in Islamabad for a day long consultation. The Consultation was called by Joint Action Committees (JACs), Women’s Action Forums (WAF chapters), Insani Haqooq Itehad (IHI) and Violence Against Women (VAW) Watch Groups.

The outcome in the form of the ‘Islamabad Declaration on ‘Honour’ Crimes’ is inspiring, moving and insightful as it lists all the pitfalls and barriers that can befall a mandate that promises to protect women from this religio-cultural gendercide.
‘… we will employ all our strengths, energies and efforts to prevent any form of a cover-up of such heinous crimes against women by the entrenched tribal, feudal and patriarchal structures and systems, whether demonstrated by the political elites, the legislators, the judiciary, the police, or the federal, provincial, district or local administrations; or by self-styled religious vigilantes; …That we will no longer allow women to be used as pawns – as convenient expendable targets – in feuds between men over murder, property, money, political and tribal rivalries, blood vendettas and misplaced perceptions of “honour” issues;’
Islamabad Declaration on ‘Honour’ crimes. Complete text.

Another crucial understanding that permeates the set of demands and proposed actions is about honoring the lives, contributions and the stories of women who have been honour-killed. Every single woman who is murdered by her family/community for the ‘honour’ of her family is a martyr because either she was killed for being someone’s wife/mother/daughter/sister or she was sensitive/insightful/leader/brave who refused to live a life of complete subjugation. The Declaration proclaims all women killed for ‘honour’ as ‘Shaheed AurtaiN’ Martyr Women.

There are ‘honour’ killings where women of one family are made to suffer for the crimes of their men by the men of the aggrieved family; such killings are often ordered by a Jirga, and are indiscriminate as to the role of women themselves. However, in my view, a majority of women are honour-killed for asserting their basic human rights. Usually in their teens, a mere expression of their dignity as human beings where they begin to think for themselves and make decisions for themselves, becomes a death-deserving crime; a jirga may become involved but it is basically up to the men of their families to pronounce the judgment and to execute it.
‘Eh kon khaRae poordae/mere apnae peyo bhra’
Who are these burying me/my own fathers brothers

Every death for ‘honour’ sends shock waves through the land imparting another message of fear and intimidation to an already controlled and coverted population of women in Pakistan. Every death for ‘honour’ questions the values and the structures of the family where on daily basis and in our homes, some members enjoy fear-inducing power while the others are made to live at their whims. The mere concept of the ‘honour’ of such a family renders us homeless, brotherless, fatherless, sonless. In such families, each of us regardless of our gender, are made to afford a harsh, callous and unjust family life. Women have to confront and change this murderous ‘family’ and its values because we, more than men, are paying with our lives to keep it going.

So, the most honourable thing would be to question the validity of the ‘family’ that is based on greed, discrimination and inequality; and, to replace it with a democratic family structure that allows for equal and wholesome opportunities for all its members to shape our futures, to be supported through difficult times, to be protected and nurtured so that we can all live our lives to the fullest potential.

Sounds good but it is not that simple in a social setup where religious extremists are throwing acid on girls and young women and bombarding their schools for not wearing veils; the ‘respected’ jirgas order women to be gang-raped for an offense committed by their male relatives; where over a dozen young women and girl children are declared ‘vani’ and handed over to the aggrieved to resolve a feud between two families; where women are raped in police custody; where declaring a woman/girl ‘kari’ (adulterous) and then killing her is a matter of convenience for a husband/father/brother; where five women are buried alive and the elected representatives justify the action in the parliament; where a woman have to produce four Muslim men of upright character as eyewitnesses to prove that she was raped; where the qisas blood money for killing a woman is half that of a man.

This is the case in a political situation of deteriorating lawlessness where to make it worse, the biggest bully of this whole wide world has resolved to hunt its prey. The direct military assaults by the US forces in Pakistan are causing civilian casualties, inciting explosive responses from the Taliban, embarrassing Pakistan Army, and shaking an already tenuous government of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Though the PPP government has sidelined the Lawyers Movement to appease the Army, it is however, moving in favor of women’s demands by invoking the Anti-terrorism Act of 1997 (ATA) that was passed to protect women against gang rape, the Women Development Minister has resolved to make changes in existing laws to protect women in future, and the Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken suo-motu notice of the killings.

It may seem weird but the truth is that the only chance women of Pakistan have of achieving the objectives of Islamabad Declaration is if the United States of America withdraws, at the very least, its military presence from Pakistan. In this life-and-death struggle between women’s rights and religion-supported traditions, it is not going to help women in Pakistan to be identified with the United States even when the Bush Republicans’ prey is one of our perpetrators.

Islamabad Declaration calls for action to accomplish the following:
– Acknowledge the courage and stance of Senator Yasmeen Shah and many media persons who have continued to report on this issue despite threats to their lives.
Protest outside Joint Session on 20th Sept in Islamabad and provincial capitals
Shaheed Auratain
– Women killed in the name of ‘honour’ are Martyrs: Raise to hero status
– Long March for Shaheed Women
– Dua for Shaheed Women and offer Namaz-e-Janazaa
– Visit and offer Fateha at graveyards of women killed for ‘honour’
– Dedicate 16 Days of Activism this year (2008) to Shaheed Women Killed in the name of Honour
– Signature campaigns
– Send letters of concern to Parliament
– Disqualification of Senator Zehri and all those public representatives who defend ‘Honour Killings’.
– Demand a legislation against Jirgas/Panchayats/Informal judicial structures
– Focus groups with legislators to discuss the Honour killing law (Dec 2004) and the necessary amendments.
– Launch poster, documentary and media campaign
– Demand that public representatives denounce all forms of killings particularly of women whether in the name of ‘honour’, ‘tradition’ or ‘custom’
– Form a group of concerned individuals including lawyers, retired Judges, Human Rights activitsts and media personnel that should include some eminent personalities to follow such cases
– Vigilant committees in region to monitor day to day updates and reporting to everyone
– Women and human rights group will hold 4 seminars at Provincial levels in the interior of the country in order to build vocal support against ‘honour killings’

‘Assein ve koi kaleyan neesae/punj lukayan lakhan vaikheiN’
We are not alone either/you hid five will see millions

Poems For Five Baloch Women Buried Alive
Swal Jannat da NahiN
Mir Wah de Benaam Chhori Number One
Mir Wah de Fauzia
Fauzia of Mir Wah
Kikli 13 July
Vaen (mourning)

Fauzia Rafiq

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