‘I Am’ by Sonali Gulati in Vancouver Queer Film Festival – August 13/11

For the past 6 years, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival has asked Trikone-Vancouver to sponsor a film as a community partner. For Trikone-Vanc, that gives an opportunity to introduce/talk about Trikone-Vanc and our South Asian queer existence/presence to the audience.

This year, the film we are sponsoring is “I Am” directed by Sonali Gulati. Read about it and/or watch the trailer here:

“I Am”
Saturday, August 13
7 p.m. (PRIME TIME for the film festival)
Rio Cinema
Broadway & Commercial Drive
To buy tickets online, go here:

The director, Sonali Gulati, will be in attendance. She will speak after the film. This makes it a very special screening!

Afterwards, at 10 p.m. the same night, there’s a party at Canvas Lounge where we can hang out some more with Sonali.

The Queer Film Fest this year is showcasing films from Asia (called “Focus on Asian Voices”) so there’s a lot of programming to catch. There are 20 films from Asia or with primarily Asian content, but only 5 are feature films, including “I Am”. Check out the program here:

“I Am” looks/sounds really interesting and of value not just to us but to our parents too, if by some miracle we can get our parents to watch it sometime. :))

For more information on Trikone Vancouver, send email message to:

Information provided by Randeep Purewall.