‘Woman Within’, paintings by Navpreet Kaur, Chandigarh Feb 22-26/11

An exhibition of paintings by
Navpreet Kaur
Feb 22 to 26
10am-1pm and 2-5pm daily
Fine Art Museum
Panjab University, Chandigarh

From the Department of Art History and Visual Arts
Prem Singh


Congratulations Navpreet!
Navpreet’s Profile at Uddari Art
View some of her work here

Uddari site ‘Love Life:The Story’ uses Navpreet’s painting on the masthead.

50,000 Views for Uddari Weblog in 2010

With 50,000 views in the past calendar year, at just over 4,000 a month, Uddari Weblog is perhaps the most visited blog on Blogosphere on Punjab/Panjab, Punjabis and Punjabi literature.

The busiest day of the year for Uddari was August 25th with 327 views.
The most popular post that day was ‘Autobiography of the Great Dada Amir Haider Khan (1904-1986)‘ May 2008, says ‘Your 2010 year in blogging’ by WordPress.com (offering Uddari Weblog a ‘Wow’ on it’s Blog Health-O-Meter).

Here is more from it:

Uddari Attractions in 2010
Most viewed posts and pages

Dada Amir Haider Khan 1904-1986

Visit the post:
Autobiography of the Great Dada Amir Haider Khan (1904-1986)
(22 comments/pingbacks)
April 2008 – April 2009 Cultural Events page
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Cultural Events
(5 comments/pingbacks)
Photo Album
(29 comments/pingbacks)
Punjabi MaaNboli Writers
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Uddari Top referring sites in 2010
en.wordpress.com, facebook.com, search.conduit.com, afzalsaahir.blogspot.com, and punjabibooksonline.

And now, other Uddari blogs:

Uddari Art Exhibition
(Happy to have earned ‘You’re on fire!’ on the Blog Health-O-Meter of WordPress.com)

Uddari Art was viewed about 7,800 times in 2010.

The busiest day of the year for Uddari Art was June 13th with 222 views.
The most popular item that day was Punjab Landscape Page.

Uddari Art Attractions in 2010
Punjab Landscape
(28 comments/pingbacks)
People Punjab: Portraits and Groups
(27 comments/pingbacks)
Lord Krishna with Cow by Manjit Bawa, September 2008
Partition: The Punjab 1947
(5 comments/pingbacks)
Roopa Bheda, Nov 2009
(1 comment/pingback)

Uddari Art Top referring sites in 2010
were en.wordpress.com, sadapunjab.com, uddari.wordpress.com, facebook.com, and shots.snap.com.


Love Life: the Story
was viewed about 8,800 times in 2010.

The busiest day of the year for Love Life was April 29th with 90 views.
The most popular post that day was ‘Gendercide in Pakistan: Women are a colonized population!’.

Love Life Attractions in 2010
Gendercide in Pakistan: Women are a colonized population! October 2008
(33 comments/pingbacks)
(4 comments/pingbacks)
PAKISTAN: Police gang rape a teenage boy in custody and distribute footage on the Internet March 2009
Shaheed Bibi Iram Shahzadi: Rawalpindi November 2008
PAKISTAN: The killing of two Christian brothers July 2010

Love Life Top referring sites in 2010
en.wordpress.com, reddit.com, uddari.wordpress.com, search.conduit.com, and facebook.com.

This information is a compliment to Uddari visitors, authors and contributors.

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Brilliante Punjab: Offering to a writer, an editor, and a reader!

This offering of appreciation is made to three individuals who have nurtured Punjabi with creative excellence for many years; and, in different ways, all three have inspired content at Uddari Weblog during its first year.

Likhari Amarjit Chandan
Sodhi Maqsood Saqib
PaRihar Bharat Bhushan

As we all have a bit of a likhari, a sodhi and a paRihar in us, it is height of pleasantness to find individuals who are brilliant in any one area. All three have a luminous aura of work that has enriched Punjabi literature and literary communities in South Asia and Abroad.

Indeed, our writer is also an activist and a photographer; the editor, a publisher and fiction writer; and the reader, a blogger and web publisher.

Amarjit Chandan

Amarjit Chandan may be only one of the eight contributors and authors of Uddari Weblog but his presence is way more than his number share. Here are the top three.

Chandan made this most amazing contribution of over fifty portraits of Punjabi and South Asian writers, artists and poets to Uddari Art: Amarjit Chandan, a photographer’s profile

And, the second, by sending original photos of over a dozen great inspiring women, he hurried the creation of ‘Great women of Punjabi origin‘ in the very first month of Uddari. Photos included activists Gulab Kaur, Kewal Kaur, Tahira Mazhar Ali Khan, Vimla Dang and Sophia Duleep Singh.

Its only befitting than to begin the second year of Uddari with Amarjit Chandan being the first author to be added to Punjabi MaaNboli Writers Page next month. Till then, view:
Chandan’s website
Search results for ‘amarjit chandan’ at Uddari Weblog

Maqsood Saqib

Maqsood Saqib belongs to the breed of editors (and publishers) who will always prioritize quality over for example, a pressing dateline or social and monetary concerns. Though this breed may be rare in Punjabi literary journalism and at that, disappearing fast, Maqsood Saqib continues to gain strength with his ongoing output of high quality Punjabi literature in the form of books and magazines.

Saqib works out of a second floor office on a busy intersection in Lahore. The editing, production, retail and management of both Suchet Kitab Ghar and Monthly Pancham takes place in an equivalent of a two bedroom apartment with no balcony.

In 2007, i had the pleasure one time of entering that office and finding Maqsood Saqib not in his usual chair at the entrance behind a table and four guest chairs, but sitting in a fully furnished bed that had made an unexpected appearance in the middle of the production room.

The area designated here as ‘the middle of the production room’ is a 9’/12′ space erstwhile being used to get to the washroom in the right corner, to the kitchen counter straight ahead, the safe room in the left corner, photocopying and printing machines by the right wall, and the desktop publishing station by the left. Let me not forget however, that this exact area also works as a drawng room for staff and guests.

There, sitting upright in his sick bed with feverish red eyes, our editor/publisher was guiding the production of monthly Pancham from the tent of his comforter.

The second endearing episode relates to the camera ready Shahmukhi copy of my poem ‘Social self de loR’ (Need for a Social Self) that i had been asked to come and proofread for a 2006 issue of Pancham. There were a couple of typos, sure, and i handed it back to him. But… he said, this does not make much sense ‘performer dae leeRiaN andar vekhan vaal da pinda? (‘In the guise of a performer, the body of a spectator’). I said, yes, ‘vekhan vaal’ from Urdu ‘tmaashbeen’; he said, sure but ‘vekhan vaal da pinda?’

It was not until he actually held an imaginary solitary strand of hair above the table in front of me that i saw the mistake. The verse read as ‘viewing the body of a hair’ instead of ‘the body of the spectator’… It was hilarious to me but without affording a smile, he wrote it down: ‘vekhan-vaal’ as one word instead of ‘vekhan vaal’ as two.

I wonder if any other editor of Punjabi literature would have found, and then corrected, this ‘vaal-brobar’ mistake that was big enough to condemn a poem to an unintended hole of hilarity.

Here is some information on Maqsood Saqib’s work:
Another image in Uddari Photo Album

Bharat Bhushan

The first person who bought a book at Punjabi Books turned out to be none other than the Blogger at paash.wordpress.com who is determined to preserve everything written by Paash and about Paash. Bhushan believes that ‘the tragedy of Punjabi literature and culture has been that we have not done enough to preserve our history’.

Residing in UK, Bhushan bought the Shahmukhi edition of collected works of Paash titled ‘Paash, Sari Shairi’, edited by Maqsood Saqib and published by Suchet Kitab Ghar. Bhushan considers himself to be a ‘voracious reader of literature, especially Punjabi poetry’. He is a Paash enthusiast, and shares with us his motivation to collect materials about him:

‘I noticed from so many blogs in Hindi and Punjabi that there are some excerpts from Paash poems, and people are asking for more information about Paash poetry in Punjabi, Hindi, English and other languages, and more about his life and times. So I thought why not collect all of his poetry and other writings, the stories behind his writings, his life and times, his photographs, and academic research on his poetry, all at one place– a sort of reference point whereby it would be easier for others to access all this information. Hence my Paash blog.’
Bharat Bhushan

Brilliante Weblog Award is heartfelt appreciation of this community to Amarjit Chandan, Maqsood Saqib and Bharat Bhushan (i wonder about it too! Bhushan Jee, is this your real name?).

Fauzia Rafique

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Uddari is One

April 11, Uddari Weblog is one year new!

134 Posts


295 approved

First post
April 11, 2008

Photo by Partap Singh Ahdan, Lahore 1943

Photo by Partap Singh Ahdan, Lahore 1943

Aahu Chashm Ragini
Photo by
Partap Singh Ahdan
Sourced by
Amarjit Chandan

Post intended to be the first
Royalty Rights in Punjabi Publishing

First Comment
‘It is so unfortunate that in the new provincial assembly there is no party/individual/group to voice the right of children to study in the mother tongue. maybe we need to start a signature campaign to promote the cause.’
Posted by
Home Uddari Mudhla Warqa
2008/04/07 at 9:19pm

First Uddari Page
Great Women of Punjabi Origin – Punjab Diyan Mannian Perwannian Zananian
Added on

Kewal Kaur, a Naxalite activist

Kewal Kaur, a Naxalite activist

First post
Kewal Kaur: A Great Punjabi Woman
Photo and information by
Amarjit Chandan

First Uddari blog site
Uddari Art

First work of art
Shahid Mirza’s ‘Kala MaiNdha Bhaes’

Modern Art by Punjabis
May 23 2008

Fauzia Rafique

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Uddari gets (a piece of) the ‘Brilliante Weblog Award’!

Surfing the Net last week, i came upon this:
Uddari –  Fauzia Rafiq and other prolific writers collaborate to blog about contemporary Punjabi Literature, art, events and  movements .’
That led me up to this:
Now its my turn to follow the rules of Brilliante Awards by passing it on to the 5 bloggers i admire:’
And down to this:
Folk Punjabi– Deepinder puts nice effort to blog about folk Punjabi boliaan. Punjabi Haiku–  Amarjit Sathi has started a new wave in Punjabi haiku writing, works  of new writers and translation of Haiku from around the world is posted here.  RoopScoop – for doing wonderful job by starting a blog like unchahi on female foeticide. Lafjan da Pul – Deep Jagdeep wants to bridge the divide by making it easy for people who write in Gurmukhi and provide a platform for everything that is Punjabi.’

View it all at Jasdeep’s ‘Parchanve’ blog

By recognizing the contributions of others, Jasdeep is showing us the how-tos of community building. I am delighted to be a part of it also because its Passing The Love, and because Brilliante is grassroots community-based non-monetary initiative that is flexible and versatile, and can not be hogged by anyone.
So, here, Uddari gets a Fifth of The Brilliante Weblog Award
Passes it on to:
A Writer of Punjabi poetry and prose who has inspired many posts at Uddari and Uddari Art, and has initiated the Archives Section at Punjabi Books.
(An easy guess for most of us at Uddari)
An Editor of Punjabi books and magazines who delivers literary excellence in each book or magazine he edits and publishes.
(A bit tough, perhaps)
A Compulsive Reader of Punjabi poetry who bought online the first Punjabi book at Punjabi Books, and so unknowingly, has become the FIRST READER FOREVER (FRF) or PEHLA PUNJABI PARHIYAR.

The three lucky names are hidden in the 10 pages of Uddari Weblog, and whoever finds them by April 11, 2009 the day of Uddari’s first birthday, will be awarded… a BRILLIANTE, of course.

Fauzia Rafique

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Punjabi Author Dr. Ujagar Singh Dhaliwal Moves On


Author of ‘Jungle de Ful’, Dr. US Dhaliwal passed away today. Following is a message sent earlier this morning by his son, Artist Kanwal Dhaliwal, to his friends:

‘Just wish to share my grief over the passing away of my father (Dr US Dhaliwal) today. He was suffering from multiple symptoms of Dementia and Parkinson. His personality had played a significant role in shaping my cultural conscious. He was 78. As per his desires there will be no last rites. He had donated his body to a local medical college and hospital for medical research purposes.’

Last year, Kanwal had initiated publication of ‘Jungle de Ful’, the collected works of Dr. US Dhaliwal, and had created a beautiful book cover to house them.


‘My father’ Kanwal Dhaliwal wrote on Nov 3/08, ‘is a veteran writer of Punjabi satire. I have recently got his book published (Jungle De Ful) I designed the title cover and used one of my paintings on it.

‘The book not only contains satire but many other styles he has written in, which includes historical references, political commentary, reformative ideology (almost Utopian), autobiographical notes etc…

‘My aim to get this book published was simply to save his work, which he doesn’t consider any good ! He is now 77 and has developed symptoms of Parkinson! He has been regularly published in the Preetlarhi of Gurbax Singh in the 70s.’

View Ujagar Singh’s portrait by Kanwal at Uddari Art ‘People Punjab: Portraits and Groups’

Contact Kanwal Dhaliwal at:

Web addresses:

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Painter Manjit Bawa Moves ON


Punjabi Painter Manjit Bawa passed away today (29th December) in New Delhi. He was in a coma for the last three years following a heart stroke.

Bawa was known for his miniature-style paintings using lucid colors and folk motifs.

View Bawa’s profile and some of his paintings at Uddari Art:
Manjit Bawa

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SAADAT HASAN MANTO ‘The Thunderstorm’ by Kanwal Dhaliwal


Saadat Hasan Manto by Kanwal Dhaliwal

Kanwal Dhaliwal’s ‘The Thunderstorm’, a riveting photo imaginary portrayal of Author Saadat Hasan Manto, is on display at Uddari Art Exhibition.

Dhaliwal’s tribute to an author who ‘wrote’ partition for us from the standpoint of a secular human being, is one of the most moving and valuable additions in the post-partition art of the Punjab.

View it here: uddariart.wordpress.com

Fauzia Rafique

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‘Baramah’ by Sidharth, Punjab Portraits by Amarjit Chandan

Two wonderful additions have taken place at Uddari Art Exhibition.

A series of 35 paintings depicting stages of the seasons according to a Punjabi year titled ‘Baramah’ Twelve Months. Created by Sidharth in rich colors, the paintings are a treat to view. Begin at Chyet/Chaiter in March-April!

An equally riveting collection in black and white of over 45 photos of Punjabi people, writers and artists included, is saved in camera by Author Amarjit Chandan, a face at a time, in the last forty years. View the portraits of some of the most creative people from the Punjab with the eye of a poet.

Art on Punjab Partition, Moonsoon Fashion Event, and the ‘Streets of Karachi’

Art work created by Punjabi artists on 1947 Punjab Partition is on display at Uddari Art Exhibition in Partition: The Punjab 1947. View paintings and drawings by Satish Gujral, Pran Nath Mago, SL Prasher; and, sculptures by Dhan Raj Bhagat.

Find information at Earthpoems about a Red Earth Moonsoon Fashion show on the theme of ‘green’, set to begin tomorrow in New Delhi as part of a month-long festival.

The USA premiere of a new docu-drama titled ‘Streets of Karachi’ (Urdu with English subtitles) is due August 16 in Palo Alto, California. Presented by Precept Productions, the film produced and directed by Shoieb Yunus while the cast includes Adil Murad, Nadia Hussain, Munawar Saeed, Umair Leghari, and others. View the trailer and more information at Cultural Events Page.

Books About Karachi

Inside Uddari: Punjabi Publishers, Magazines and Artists

View and contribute to a growing list of Punjabi language publishers at Punjabi Authors and Publishers page with entries from India, Pakistan, Canada and US. As well, a list of Punjabi magazines is in the making at the same page.
List of Punjabi Language Publishers
List of Punjabi Magazines
The Cultural Events Page has information on a yearly multilingual poetry meet called Kavi-Durbar happening in Milpitas CA on July 27 at 2pm; and, about a workshop on Classical Music of South Asia in New Delhi August 22 and 23.
Read Ajmer Rode’s poem Kalli on Punjabi poems page.
Uddari Art Exhibition displays the works of two Punjabi women artists with diverse themes and styles, Ayesha Farooq from UK, and Navpreet Kaur from India.

Isa Vandi’s Film, Roop Dhillon’s Intro, Artists page: Uddari 07/08

Isa Vandi is a brave and creative woman who suffered traumas at the hands of the Islamicist regime in Iran where many years back, her sister was stoned to death. Vandi now has her own studio and gallery in Sweden. Her Farsi film ‘Ruqs, Zer-e-Parcha-e-Sufaid‘ (Dance, Below White Sheets) gives voice and courage to the survivors of political oppression. View it in Vancouver, July 17. More information on Cultural Events page.

British Punjabi author Roop Dhillon’s introduction is now at Punjabi MaaNboli Writers page. Dhillon has written a novel titled ‘Neela Noor’ in a Punjabi that sways more to an ‘ex-patriot’ expression of itself giving rise to controversy over the usage. View author intro here: Roop Dhillon

Uddari Art Exhibition now has an Artists page with short introductions to Kanwal Dhaliwal, Prem Singh and SL Prasher.

There is wonderful feedback on the Survey to find Ten Best Punjabi Books. Raj Paul Singh of People’s Forum Punjabi says this in his email message: “Thanks for showing keen interest in the survey of best Punjabi books and putting appeal for this survey on your weblog. Responses to this survey have started pouring in. We will share the outcome of this survey with you.”
If you haven’t done it yet, here it is.
Info on the Survey to find Ten Best Punjabi Books:
Do it Online
Or By Email

Iranian Cinema

Punjabi Survey, Prem Singh’s Art, Mashoo’s Poems: Uddari 07/08

There is an urgent request for a short survey from readers and writers of Punjabi to determine ten best Punjabi books.

In other words, list your favorites.

“Top Ten Punjabi Books
“We, People’s Forum Punjabi (Regd), are doing a survey of Punjabi books – both the original and translated works in Punjabi – in order to prepare a reading list for the new generation readers.

“We’d like to know the following:
Which are your most favorite five books?
What other five books would you suggest for the new generation to read?

“We hope that you’ll email us the list within 15 days.”
Email adresses:
Raj Paul Singh (Kotkapura 98767 10809) at rajpaulsingh@gmail.com or call:
K. Bargari at kbargari@hotmail.com

To facilitate and support this effort, this survey will be online at Uddari soon.

(Note: The link for online survey: Ten Best Punjabi Books

We have a new poet at Punjabi Poems page. Read ‘SadrAN de Peeng‘ and ‘Lamba Painda‘ by UK-based Mashoo, in Roman.

View Patiala-born Artist Prem Singh’s oil painting ‘Whispering Trees‘ at Uddari Art Exhibition, and wait for more of his work this week. Also worth viewing is a set of erotic drawings by Prem Singh, now offered by the website of British Museum of Erotic Art.

More on Erotic Art

Inside Uddari Pages

‘Zameen’ by Satinder Kaur Chauhan. Kali Theater Company, London 7-17 May, 2008 in Cultural Events Page

Vimla Dang: A Great Punjabi Woman in the Great Women of Punjabi Origin

‘The Victim’ by Kanwal Dhaliwal in Uddari Art Exhibition