Gulab Kaur: A Great Punjabi Woman

Gulab Kaur, a revolutionary of early 1900s, is the first Great Punjabi Woman featured here though we know little about her.

Yet there is this amazing possibility that this post may find someone who can tell us more.

Gulab Kaur (circa 1890 Bakhshiwala District Sangrur – 1931)

Gulab Kaur, Member Ghadr Party. Photo by Amarjit Chandan

According to Amarjit Chandan, Gulab joined Ghadr Party (established California, June 1913) in the Philippines where Hafiz Abdullah of Jagraon was the President of the local branch. She also worked with other Ghadr Party leaders such as Banta Singh Sanghwal and Harnam Singh Tundilat. Gulab Kaur kept vigil on party printing press in guise, and helped in the distribution of arms and literature.

Gulab Kaur suffered two years imprisonment in Lahore.
Freedom Fighters

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  1. Dr.ajmer singh says:

    Great freedom fighter woman


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice article


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