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30. UK Authors Roop Dhillon, Sathi Ludhianvi, Deedar Pardesi
29. The Hero of Wisconsin, Lt. Brian Murphy, August 2012
28. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Day Celebrations in Lahore, 2011
27. ‘ShabdaN Di Sanjh’, Book Release by the members of Punjabi Sahit Sabha Abbotsford, May 2011
26. Faiz Ahmad Faiz, 60th Birthday, London 1980
25. ‘Chanting Denied Shores’ by Tariq Malik, Book Launch, Vancouver January 2011
24. SOAS Meeting in honour of Shaheed Salman Taseer
23. Anad Kav Sanman 2009, Amarjit Chandan, New Delhi
22. Book Launch, ‘Dusk to Dawn’ by Brajinder Dhillon, July 2010
21. Website Launch of Chandigarh Lalitkala Akedemi, August 2009
20. Ghadri Baba Bhagat Singh Bilga (1807-2009)
19. Hoori Noorani in the ‘Song of Moenjodaro’, Karachi
18. ‘Bhag Singh Death Anniversary’ in Qasur by Iqbal Qaiser
17. Opening Party of ‘Navarasa’ Exhibition of Nine Delhi Artists, Kolkata 03/09
16. PLEA 7TH Mother Language day, Surrey 02/09
15. Manjit Bawa condolence meeting, Chandigarh 01/09
14. Urdu Conference, Islamabad
13. Agha Nasir’s book on Faiz and Faiz Ghar, Lahore
12. Poet/Radio Host Afzal Saahir, Lahore
11. Novelist Roop Dhillon with Duleep Singh’s statue, Norfolk
10. Author/Poet Surjeet Kalsey, Vancouver
9. Writer/Editor Maqsood Saqib on Desi Radio
8. Photos by Snow (Age 5)
7. Poet Mahmoud Darwish
6. Activist/Literary Critic Amin Mughal, London
5. Activist Sophia Duleep Singh
4. Author Hasan N. Gardezi
3. Author Najm Hosain Syed
2. Activist Kartar Dhillon (1915-2008)
1. The Ninth DBF Walk-a-Thon and BhangRa Festival


UK Authors Roop Dhillon, Sathi Ludhianvi, Deedar Pardesi

Roop Dhillon and Sathi Ludhianvi

Roop Dhillon and Deedar Pardesi


The Hero of Wisconsin, Lt. Brian Murphy, August 2012

Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, was shot 8-9 times by a White Supremacist shooter who killed 7 people at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconson August 2012. Lt. Murphy was the first officer to reach the crime scene, and his intervention by engaging the shooter saved many lives. When others arrived and the shooter was overpowered, Lt. Murphy told fellow officers to first assist people inside the temple instead of helping him.


Shaheed Bhagat Singh Day Celebrations in Lahore, 2011

‘ShabdaN Di Sanjh’, Book Release by the members of Punjabi Sahit Sabha Abbotsford, May 2011

At a successful launch of their first anthology of writings, the members of Punjabi Sahit Sabha Abbotsford (PSSA) were supported by poet/dramatist Ajmer Rode, short story writer Karam Singh Mann and PSSA’s former president Surjit Singh Achharwal. Surjeet Kalsey and Pawan Gillanwala performed as the MCs. Deputy Mayor Mission Terry Giddha and Abbotsford City Councilor Moe Gill were also present. This is the first ever anthology of writings by Fraser Valley poets. Edited and produced by Surjeet Kalsey, it includes poetry of 22 writers.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz, 60th Birthday, London 1980

Faiz at his 60th birthday, London UK, 1980
Unknown Photographer


‘Chanting Denied Shores’ by Tariq Malik, Book Launch, Vancouver January 2011

Author Tariq Malik with South Vancouver Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh at the launch of ‘Chanting Denied Shores’, a novel on the historic incident of Komagata Maru.

MP Ujjal Dosanjh speaking about Tariq Malik’s novel ‘Chanting Denied Shores’

MP Ujjal Dosanjh showing a poster that was used to lure people to come to Canada in the early 20th century



SOAS Meeting on the murder of Shaheed Salman Taseer

From left Dr Asad Ahmed, Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, Mr Amin Mughal, Dr Tahir Wasti and Dr Tahir Kamran

Photos by Amarjit Chandan

23. Anad Kav Sanman 2009, Amarjit Chandan, New Delhi

Chandan receiving the award from Krishen Khanna the painter and Bhai Baldeep Singh

Chandan giving acceptance speech

Photos by Sukant Chandan


Book Launch, ‘Dusk to Dawn’ by Brajinder Dhillon, Surrey BC, July 2010

Sirinath Prasad Dwivedi Ji, President South Asian Literary Society of Canada with Author Brajinder Dhillon and Punjabi Kendri Sabha’s Mohan Gill. ‘Dusk to Dawn’ is Brajinder’s eyewitness account as a child of the 1947 partition of the Indian Subcontinent. The launch event was held at a Surrey library in British Columbia.

Author Brajinder Dhillon with her husband Jagdev Dhillon, Dave S. Hayer, MLA Surrey-Tynehead and the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturism, Brajinder’s son in-law Graham Smith, daughter Tina Dhillon, grand son Reed Guriqbal Smith and grand daughter Scarlett Jaya Smith


Website Launch of Chandigarh Lalitkala Akedemi, August 2009


Launching the website, Chandigarh, August 29, 2009


View Event Report


Ghadri Baba Bhagat Singh Bilga (1807-2009)

Bhagat Singh Bilga. Nakodar. 1964. Photo by Gopal Singh Chandan

Baba Bilga, Nakodar 1964

Photo by Gopal Singh Chandan

Bhagat S Bilga. Kirti Newspaper. 1930

Kirti Newspaper, 1930

View More On Ghadri Baba Bilga

Moving On


Hoori Noorani in the ‘Song of Moenjodaro’

Karachi April 30/09


Mother Goddess dancing around the Great Bath


Hoori Noorani, the Mother Goddess


Bhagat Singh Death Anniversary

by Iqbal Qaiser

n640819863_1588285_7869263‘Bhagat Singh: the Hero of Freedom’


Celebration of a Great Life, Khoj GaRh, Qasur

Photos first published at Facebook


Opening Party of ‘Navarasa’

Exhibition of Nine Delhi Artists

Kolkata 03/09


Artist Prem Singh with Printmaker Amitabh Bannerjee


Kolkata’s Artists and Art Lovers


Punjabi Language Education Association (PLEA)

7TH Mother Language day, Surrey 02/09


Sadhu Binning and Sukhwant Hundal with PLEA supporters


‘Pakistani’ Punjabi Panel

Publisher M. Rafiq, Activists Saif Khalid, Nighat Shahnaz and Mujtaba, Fauzia Rafique


Manjit Bawa Condolence Meeting, Chandigarh 01/09


Diwan Manna and Nirupma Dutt


Photo 2


Photo 3

View Event Report


Urdu Conference, Islamabad


Fiction Writer Arshad Waheed, Shahida, Nighat Shahnaz, Anwar Sultana and Tasneem


Fiction Writers Arshad Waheed and Kausar Jamal with Nighat Shahnaz and Shahida


Agha Nasir’s book on Faiz launched

and Faiz Ghar announced in Lahore


From left, Faiz’s son in law Humair Hashmi, daughter Salima Shuaib Hashmi, daughter Muneeza Humair Hashmi, Noonray, Shuaib Hashmi, co-host Qasim Jafri

At the recent launch in Lahore of ‘Hum Jeetay Jee Masroof Rahay’, Agha Nasir’s book on legendary Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Adeel Hashmi, Faiz’s grandson, announced on behalf of the Faiz Foundation

the establishment of Faiz Ghar in Lahore, a museum to house Faiz memorabilia and papers held by his family.


Sprightly octogenarian and political activist Tahira Mazhar’s closing remarks . (Husband, eminent journalist Mazhar Ali Khan (late) was Faiz’s comrade in arms in the communist movement)

Funding permitting, the soft opening of a section is planned for Feb 09. The Ghar will be housed in a 2 kanal house in Model Town leased to the Faiz Foundation by an admirer of the poet’s for a token rent of One Rupee a month. Apart from the Faiz section, the Ghar’s remaining rooms will be open house to artistes and painters to pursue and practice their craft.


Front row left to right, Salima Hashmi, Mrs Zafar Chaudhri, Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhri, writer Siraj Munir, Qasim Jafri

Presided over by Begum Tahira Mazhar Ali and hosted by Shuaib Hashmi, the book launch had Asghar Nadeem Syed, Arifa Syeda, Ghalib Ahmed and Agha Nasir re-living their personal memories of Faiz.

Text and images by Noonray:


Poet/Radio Host Afzal Saahir




View post on Afzal Saahir


Novelist Roop Dhillon


Roop Dhillon with Duleep Singh’s statue at Thetford, Norfolk


Author/Poet Surjeet Kalsey

Vancouver 1974

Surjeet Kalsey with Surrey City Councillor Judy Villievenue and Ashok Bhargav at India Club Vancouver’s Annual Award 2004-2005

Calgary Award


Writer Maqsood Sakib on Desi Radio

London, 12th July 2008


Photos by Snow

These photos are taken with a mobile phone by Snow, a 5-year old daughter of a poet who lives in Mansa, East Punjab. Snow took these photos in January 2008 in Mansa.

Snow’s Dadaji Bharpoor Singh

Snow’s Daadi Jeet Kaur and Brother Sukhanpal

Snow’s Doll (Ooops Barbie Again) and some Books by Snow

The Boat in the Lake by Snow

Snow [Detail] By Amarjit Chandan

Mansa, September 2007


Poet Mahmoud Darvish

Mahmoud Darwish, London 1983

Mahmoud Darwish, London 1983

Photos by Amarjit Chandan

Notes: Mahmoud Darwish Moves On


Activist/Literary Critic Amin Mughal

Amin Mughal, London 1999

Amin Mughal with Najm Hosain Syed, London 1995

Photos by Amarjit Chandan


Sophia Duleep Singh

Sophia (4th from left) with Indian suffragettes, 1910

Princesses Sophia (R) and Catherine Duleep Singh

Sophia, 1896

Notes: Sophia Duleep Singh: A Great Punjabi Woman


Author Hasan N. Gardezi

Washington 1996

Photo by Balraj Grewal

Amarjit Chandan and Hasan Gardezi, Washington 1996

Photo by Balraj Grewal


Author Najm Hosain Syed

Najm Hosain Syed, Lahore 2005. Photo by Akram Varraich.

Amarjit Chandan and Najm Hosain Syed, London 1999
Photo by Rishm Syed

Amarjit, Samina Syed, Khalid Basra, Najm Hosain Syed, Anwar Chaudhry and Zubair Ahmad

Lahore 1999

Photo by Shahid Mirza
View Najm Hosain Syed’s profile at Uddari Punjabi Writers page


Kartar Dhillon (1915-2008)

Kartar Dhillon with her granddaughter Erika Surat Anderson

Kartar with Vancouver Punjabi writers in 1997

Kartar and Sadhu Binning in Vancouver

Memorial Service for Kartar Dhillon


The Ninth DBF Walk-a-Thon and BhangRa Festival

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Sunday June 8, 2008

11am at King George Park, Cambie Community Centre (Cambie/Jacobs)

The Ninth Deepak Binning Foundation Walk-a-Thon

From left to right: Balwant Sanghera, Paul Binning, Bill McNulty (Richmond city councilor), Jas Binning, Chanchal Bal, Richmond Mayor Malcom Brodie,Sadhu Binning and Navinder Sahota at the beginning of the Ninth DBF Walk-a-Thon

The Ninth Deepak Binning Foundation Walk-a-Thon

The Chek Presentation: Paul Binning, Canuck Place Hospice representative, Jas Binning,

Bindi Sahota, Dorie Bring, and Kulwinder

Ninth Deepak Binning Foundation BhangRa Fetival

BhangRa performance by PAAR Club Juniors

DBF Bhangra Festival

En Karma BhangRa Band

Notes: The DBF Walk-a-Thon and the West Coast BhangRa Festival was well attended with over a dozen cultural groups presenting their work. Dhol Nation Academy with Dholi Raymond Bhullar, the Boys Malawi Gidha and the Boys BhangRa by PCAC, McNair Bhangra – the Girls’ High School Champions of 2008, Duniya Dance Academy, En Karma, PAAR Club Juniors, women’s Gidha by Asian Arts Club, Gidha by Shan-e-Punjab Arts Club, men’s bhangRa by United Bhangra, bhangRa fusion by FootEdge, Bombay Saphire Band, and Panj Bhangra Club with Singer Raju Johal were much appreciated by the audience.

Prompted by MCs Amrit TooR and Baljinder Atwal, the program also featured Dhad and Sarangi by Billa and Gamma, songs by Binder Rode, songs by Sukhi Lalli, and a few Lal Chand Yamla songs sung by Bhatia on Tumbi.

It was a treat to watch Punjabi youth perform dhol, bhangRa, gidha and other folk arts; for me, the high-time was the dhol performance by Dholi Raymond Bhullar, women’s Gidha by Asian Arts Club, and women’s bhangRa by En Karma – Joti Kooner.

Thanks to the inspirational role of Deepak Binning, a Richmond high school student who was taken by cancer at the age of eighteen, that has brought such thoughtful richness to our communities. In that, much admiration is commanded by Paul and Jas Binning who have created exemplary role models by transforming their grief into vibrant community support by organizing funds/awareness raising events to fight cancer and to help develop Punjabi art and literature.

More information on Deepak and Deepak Binning Foundation (DBF)



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  16. Zain says:

    ہوا میں سب کچھ رکا ہوا ہے

    ہوا میں ٹھہرے ہوۓ ہیں سب لفظ — جو تمہاری زباں نے
    میرے عدم میں میرے لیے کہے تھے
    وہ لاتعلق کرخت لہجہ—
    وہ بے مروت مہیب الفاظ—سرد آواز—زرد باتیں—
    وہ ناشناسائ کی سیاہی میں لتھڑی باتیں—
    وہ بےوفائ کی آ گ میں جلتی سرد آواز—
    بے مروت مہیب الفاظ— لاتعلق کرخت لہجہ—

    مرے عدم میں
    مرے لیے جو کہا تمہاری زباں نے،
    سب کچھ رکا ہوا ہے— وہیں ہوا میں



  17. Zain says:

    بارش میں پہاڑ کی ایک شام

    بہت تیز بارش ہے
    کھڑکی کے شیشوں سے بوچھاڑ ٹکرا رہی ہے
    اگر میز سے سب کتابیں ہٹا دوں تو چائے کے برتن
    رکھے جا سکیں گے

    یہ بارش بھی کیسی عجب چیز ہے
    یوں بیک وقت دل میں خوشی اور اداسی کسی اور شے سے کہاں
    تم جو آؤ تو کھڑکی سے بارش کو اک ساتھ دیکھیں
    ابھی تم جو آؤ تو میں تم سے پوچھوں کہ دل میں
    خوشی اور اداسی

    مگر جانتی ہوں کہ تم کیا کہو گے

    مری جان
    اک چیز ہے تیز بارش سے بھی تند
    جس سے بیک وقت ملتی ہے دل کو خوشی اور اداسی

    مگر تم کہاں ہو؟
    یہاں سے وہاں رابطے کا کوئ بھی وسیلہ نہیں ہے
    بہت تیز بارش ہے اور شام گہری ہوئ جا رہی ہے
    نجانے تم آؤ نہ آؤ
    میں اب شمع دانوں میں شمعیں جلا دوں
    کہ آنکھیں بجھا دوں؟


  18. Zain says:


    کیا آہ بھرے کوئ
    جب آہ نہیں جاتی
    دل سے بھی ذرا گہری
    اور عرش سے کچھ اونچی

    کیا نظم لکھے کوئ
    جب خواب کی قیمت میں
    آدرش کی صورت میں
    کشکول گدائ کا
    شاعر کو دیا جا‎ ‎ۓ
    اور روک لیا جاۓ
    جب شعر اترنے سے
    بادل سے ذرا اوپر
    تاروں سے ذرا نیچے

    کیا خاک لکھے کوئ
    جب خاک کے میداں پر
    انگلی کو ہلانے سے
    طوفان نہیں اٹھتا
    جب شاخ پہ امکاں کی
    اس دشت تمنا میں
    اک پھول نہیں کھلتا

    رہوار نہیں رکتے
    موہوم سی منزل پر
    آنکھوں کے اشارے سے
    اور نور کی بوندوں کی
    بوچھاڑ نہیں ہوتی
    اک نیلے ستارے سے

    جب دل کے بلاوے پر
    اس جھیل کنارے پر
    پیغام نہیں آتا
    اک دور کا باشندہ
    اک خواب کا شہزادہ
    گلفام، نہیں آتا

    بستی میں کوئ عورت
    راتوں کو نہیں سوتی
    جاگی ہوئ عورت کی
    سو‏ئ ہوئ قسمت پر
    جب کوئ بھی دیوانہ
    بے چین نہیں ہوتا
    دہلیز کے پتھر سے
    ٹکرا کے جبیں اپنی
    اک شخص نہیں روتا

    جب نیند کے شیدائ
    خوابوں کو ترستے ہیں
    اور دیکھنے کے عادی
    بینائ سے ڈرتے ہیں
    رہ رہ کے اندھیرے سے
    آنکھوں میں اترتے ہیں

    آنکھوں کے اجالوں سے
    ان پھول سے بچوں سے
    کہہ دو کہ نہ اب ننگے
    پاؤں سے چلیں گھر میں
    اس فرش پہ مٹی کے
    اب گھاس نہیں اگتی
    اب سانپ نکلتے ہیں
    دیوار سے اور در سے

    اب نور کی بوندوں سے
    مہکی ہوئ مٹی میں
    انمول اجالے کے
    وہ پھول نہیں کھلتے
    اب جھیل کنارے پر
    بچھڑے بھی نہیں ملتے
    بستی میں کوئ عورت
    راتوں کو نہیں سوتی
    اور جاگنے والوں سے
    اب نظم نہیں ہوتی

    کیا نظم لکھے کوئ
    جب جاگنے سونے میں
    پا لینے میں،کھونے میں
    جب بات کے ہونے میں
    اور بات نہ ہونے میں
    کچھ فرق نہ رہ جاۓ
    کیا بات کرے کوئ



  19. Zain says:


    میں تمہارے عکس کی آرزو میں بس آٰ ئینہ ہی بنی رہی
    کبھی تم نہ سامنے آ سکے،کبھی مجھ پہ گرد پڑی رہی

    وہ عجیب شام تھی،آج تک میرے دل میں اس کا ملال ھے
    میری طرح جو تیری منتظر،تیرے راستے میں کھڑی رھی

    کبھی وقف ہجر میں ہو گئ کبھی خواب وصل میں کھو گئ
    میں فقیر عشق بنی رہی، میں اسیر یاد ہوئ رہی

    بڑی خامشی سے سرک کے پھر مرے دل کے گرد لپٹ گئ
    وہ رداےء ابر سپید جو ، سر کوہسار تنی رہی

    ہوئ اس سے جب میری بات بھی،تھی شریک درد وہ ذات بھی
    تو نہ جانے کون سی چیز کی میری زندگی میں کمی رہی


  20. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Tanha, sar-e-anjuman khari thi
    Main, apnay wisaal say bari thi

    Haan phool thi, aur hawa ki zad par
    Phir meri har aik pankhari thi

    Ik umr talak safar kya tha
    Manzil pay pohanch kay gir pari thi

    Talib koi meri naffi ka tha
    Aur shart yeh mot say kari thi

    Woh aik hawa-e-taaza mein tha
    Main, khwab-e-qadeem mein gari thi

    Woh, khud ko Khuda samajh raha tha
    Main, apnay huzoor mein khari thi



  21. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Ik pall ko,na raat so saki main
    Uss khwab ki aas mein rahi main

    Jab dheyan mein aa gaya woh chehra
    Sonay kay bajaey, roa pari main

    Bass aik hi yaad mein garifta
    Dil thaam kar apna reh gaei main

    Bass aik hi ranj say shikasta
    Kion uss say bhala juda huwi main

    Bass aik khayal dil pay taari
    Woh jagta,sath jagti main

    Hota woh agar qareeb meray
    Phir chhoo kay bhi uss ko dekhti main

    Khush baash rahay,sada jiey woh
    Par uss say bichhar kay marr gaei main

    Zahir mein to sans lay rahi thi
    Zinda thi bagher-e-zindgi main

    Chandi say badan pay tha andhera
    Uss chand say kitni door thi main



  22. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Rastay mein diya jala rahi hai
    Jangal ki hawa bula rahi hai

    Ab raaz na reh sakay gi chahat
    Yeh shoakh,jo gull khila rahi hai

    Ik dard para hai palenay mein
    Aur yaad usay hila rahi hai

    Aankhon pay khulay hain pankh iss kay
    Ik aas mujhay sula rahi hai

    Chhatri pay sajay hain kuchh kabootar
    Aur chandni jhhilmila rahi hai

    Thhandak hai badan mein iss bala ki
    Ab barf mujhay jala rahi hai

    Kis shakl ko bhoolnay lagi main
    Kya zeest mujhay bhula rahi hai


    Peeni hai nabeez-e-ishq mujh ko
    Woh aankh agar pila rahi hai

    Phir zindgi jaisay dartay dartay
    Ranngon say nazar mila rahi hai



  23. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Ik hasrat-e-aab ho gaei hoon
    Main khud hi saraab ho gaei hoon

    Likhi hoon ik ajnabi zaban mein
    Honay ko,kitaab ho gaei hoon

    Ik khwab mein jii rahi thi ab tak
    So khwab hi khwab ho gaei hoon

    Tha kitna saja huwa yeh chehra
    Aur kesi kharab ho gaei hoon

    Ginta jo raha woh mujhh ko har pal
    Be hadd-o-hisab ho gaei hoon

    Gohar thi kabhi dil-e-sadaf mein
    Ab naqsh br aab ho gaei hoon

    Karti thi sawal zindgi say
    Ab apna jawab ho gaei hoon

    Too bethh kinar-e-ishq, main to
    Sohni ka Chanab ho gaei hoon

    Ab toar liya chaman say rishta,
    Jangal ka gulaab ho gaei hoon



  24. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Kanton mein gulab dekhti hoon
    Main aaj bhi khwab dekhti hoon

    Ik ranjish-e-be sabab kay ba’is
    Khana hi kharab dekhti hoon

    Aankhon mein dhuwan sa bhar raha hai
    Manzil ko sarab dekhti hoon

    Ik harf-e-ghalat huwi hoon jiss mein,
    Hasti ki kitab dekhti hoon

    Aankhein jo khulin,to khud pay khultay
    Tanhaei ka baab dekhti hoon



  25. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Kuchh ranj na koei be qarari
    Dil par hai ajab sakoot tari

    Takseem to ho rahi hai rahat
    Aati hi nahin hai meri baari

    Ulfat mein tha sehl jaan dena
    Ik cheez yehi thi ikhteyari

    Dil dard mein doobta tha lekin
    Aankhoin say huway na ashk jaari

    Sab choom kay pichhay hat gaey thay
    Pathar tha wafa ka sakht bhaari

    Dushman ki sipaah bhi thi shashdar
    Iss shaan say main nay jang haari

    Afsos tha pichlay mosamon ka
    Yeh rutt bhi mili to intazaari

    Jab ban gaya aasman, samander
    Saahil pay buss aik shab guzari

    Iss baar na bach sakay gi shayad
    Chahat ko laga hai zakham kaari



  26. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Dekha nahin iss misal ka chand
    Sehra mein laga kamal ka chand

    Reh reh kay ufuq say jhankta hai
    Sharmaya huwa, wisal ka chand

    Mshriq say ajab hawa chali thi
    Gul honay laga shimal ka chand

    Lao day uthay pichhlay saal kay dukh
    Nikla hai jo aglay saal ka chand

    Bujhti hai teri nigah ya phir
    Dhalta hai meray jamal ka chand

    Chehra jo tera na dekh paei
    Kya dekhti phir shewal ka chand



  27. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Honay pay main apnay roa rahi hoon
    Hasti ka yeh daagh dho rahi hoon

    Shakhon pay meri khilaein gay sooraj
    Mitti mein kiran jo bo rahi hoon

    Uss shakhs ka dekhna qayamat
    Khud apna suragh kho rahi hoon

    Kis ranj say hath paaon shall hain
    Aur zard tamam ho rahi hoon

    Kis baat say dil dukha huwa hai
    Aansoo kay bagher roa rahi hoon

    Ab tark bhi kar chuka to kya gham
    Main teri murad to rahi hoon

    Banhon mein simat gaei hoon apni
    Aaraam ki neend so rahi hoon



  28. Farooq Ahad says:

    Samina Raja


    Ilhaam, wahhi k shairi hai
    Iss dil pay jo aaj utar rahi hai

    Yeh wasl hai ya main khwab mein hoon
    Hai khwab k wasl ki ghari hai?

    Soya hai wajood aur dil mein
    Ik cheez ajeeb jaagti hai

    Khushboo say mehek raha hai aangan
    Aur tan pay bahaar aa gaei hai

    Aaghosh mein khill uthha hai gulshan
    Hontoan pay gulon si taazgi hai

    Aankhon mein charagh jall rahay hain
    Maathay pay anokhi roshni hai

    Kuch door pay hai khizaan ka dera
    Basti yeh bahar mein basi hai

    Main raah pay teri chal rahi hoon
    Duniya meri samt dekhti hai

    Kam hon gay aseer-e-yad-e-janan
    Yeh bhi to ataey zindagi hai



  29. Farooq Ahad says:

    The Profile Of The Greatest Urdu Poetess


    Samina Raja is the most prolific,competent and devoted poetess of Urdu language and since the publication of her first collection of poetry in 1995, has published twelve books.
    The ones we particularly like to mention are Aur Wisal, Pari Khana , Dil-i-Laila and Ishqabad.
    Love is the pervading theme in her poetry. She crafts her poems with care and believes in adhering to the norms of tradition.
    She writes ghazals, nazms and prose poems and her entire poetry is a reflection of her inner self, a saga of loss and longing.

    She says in the preface of her first book Huweda:

    Main shair kion kehti hoon? Nahin janti!
    Is kay liay meray pas koi jwaz nahin hai.
    Jab main nay hoash sanbhala aur pehli martaba
    aankhain khoal kar khud ko dekha to munkashif huwa k main pedaeyshi tor par kuch chizon ki aseer hoon-
    zindgi, shaeyri, muhabbat aur gham.

    Zindgi, jo aik baar milti hai aur kaei baar basar hoti hai-
    jitni sitam sheaar hai, utni hi azeez-
    zindgi, jis tarah woh meray saath paish aaei.

    Shaeyri, jab utarti hai to apnay saath baha lay jati hai-
    paon ukhar jatay hain- saans phool jati hai-
    shaeyri, jis tarah woh mujh par nazil huwi.

    Muhabbat, jo aadmi ki kaya palat deti hai-
    apnay siwa kuch yaad nahin rehnay deti-
    jeenay deti hai na marnay deti hai-
    muhabbat, jis tarah woh meray wajood pr chaei rahi.

    Aur gham, jis kay huzoor main sarapa sipas hoon-
    gham, jo gehray panion mein lay jata hai-
    apnay andar samait leta hai-
    baqi sab kuch mehev kr deta hai-
    gham, jis tarah woh hamesha meray dil kay gird lipta raha.

    Hr shakhs, umr kay kisi na kisi hissay mein
    khwab zaroor dekhta hai aur sachchaei say peyar
    zaroor krta hai- magr main nay poori umr,
    schchaei kay ishq mein aur khwab ki kefiiat mein
    basar ki hai- agar kabhi koei sachch mujh par
    huweda hota hai to woh bhi aik khwab hi lagta hai:

    She has published twelve books of her poetry, two Kulliyat
    and one book of selected poems so far.
    The names of her books are Huweda, Sheh e saba, Aur Wisal,
    Khwabnaey, Bagh e Shab, Baazdeed, Haft Aasman, Parikhana, Adan kay rastay par, Dil e Laiyla, Ishqabad and
    Hijr Nama.

    She is the editor of three literary magazines, named Mustaqbil, Aassar and Khwabgar.

    Here are some Ghazals and Nazams from her books.


    Ham kisi chshm-e-fusoon saz mein rkhay huay hain
    Khwab hain, khwab kay andaz mein rkhay huay hain

    Taab anjam-e-muhabbat ki bhla kya latay
    Natawan dil wahin, aaghaz mein rkhay huay hain

    Jaltay jaen gay abhi aur chraghon say chragh
    Jab teri anjuman-e-naaz mein rakhay huay hain

    Ay hawa!aur khizaon kay ilawa kya hai
    Waswasay kion teri aawaz mein rkhay huay hain?

    Ik sitaray ko to main subh tlak lay aai,
    Beshtar raat kay aaghaz mein rkhay huay hain

    Kat kay woh par to hwaon mein kahin ur bhi gaey
    Dil yahin hasrat-e-prwaz mein rkhay huay hain

    Ham to hain aab-e-zar-e-ishq say likhay huay harf
    Baish qeemat hain, buhat raaz mein rkhay huay hain


    Tanha sar-e-anjuman khri thi
    Main, apnay wisal say bri thi

    Ik umr talak safar kia tha
    Manzil pay puhanch kay gir pri thi

    Talib koi meri nffi ka tha
    Aur shart yeh mot say kri thi

    Woh aik hawa-e-taza mein tha
    Main, khwab-e-qdeem mein gri thi

    Woh khud ko khuda smajh raha tha
    Main, apnay huzoor mein khri thi


    Ik sada-e-khwab
    Nadeeda jahanon say guzar kr aa rahi hai,
    Dhoop jesi chandni
    Kali zaminon kay badan chamka rahi hai,
    Fasl-e-gul aanay say pehlay,koi khushboo
    Sb zmanon kay muqaddas perahan chamka rahi hai,

    Aag jesi koi heratnaak shai
    Dil kay nihan khanon mein jalti ja rahi hai


    Aankh tlak utri aati hai pooray chand ki raat
    Jeewan ki lambi rahon pr saya sa ik sath
    Honton pr aisi hi lali,mathay pr aisay hi sitaray
    Mang mein jagmag jagmag afshan aur chunri mein jugnoo saray
    Palkon kay pichhay ik sapna aur sapnay mein nain tumharay

    Yaad aai hai aaj mujhay ik pichlay janam ki baat
    Bhool gai ab—hath say kaisay choota tha woh hath


    Aik jhurjhuri lay kr jagti thi betabi
    raat ka andhera jb,boond boond girta tha
    dil ko choonay lagtay thay teray reshmin alfaz
    khwab chshm-e-heran ko jhuk kay choom leta tha
    raat bheeg jati thi ,barishon ki khushboo mein
    teray garm honton say, somras tapakta tha

    surkh aur neelay phool is badan pe khiltay thay
    subh kay kinaray par,donon waqt miltay thay


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