Three more women buried alive in Balochistan today

Geo News is reporting that three more women were buried alive in Balochistan today (same place as the five other women).

The newest victims were old women who were killed because they criticised the tribal leader.


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4 comments on “Three more women buried alive in Balochistan today

  1. April 23, 2009
    Government of Pakistan is still supporting
    the Taliban and other Islamist forces

    Press Release:

    Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri Chairman United Kashmir People’s National Party has addressed a press conference in Geneva Press Club on ongoing and emerging situation in Pakistan Federally Administered tribal areas which are adjacent to Afghanistan. Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri comprehensively elaborated on all aspects on the situation, the role of state security establishment, Military and its secret agencies and also replied to the questions raised by the journalists and audiences. Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri said;
    Geneva holds a special significance on many accounts but Geneva Press club contribution has been pivotal in giving voice to the voiceless people, marginalized regions, underdeveloped cultures, and underrepresented nations.
    The role of the UN Human Rights Council is to evolve the mechanism to stop the human rights violations and persuade the state to respect and improve the human rights record including democracy, development and human dignity set by the world community. But it is the, you media people who are catalyst in educating the people and spreading the message of human rights and protecting them. Without Media this challenge can’t be accomplished.
    As people from Kashmir, our concerns, demands, views are not different than rest of the world community. We have seized this opportunity to share with your our concerns and grievances of the people from that region, and what we experience under the tyrannical rule of Pakistan military regimes over the last six decades.
    I am referring to the terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism emanating from Pakistan and posing serious threat to the regional and global order. We have been expressing our serious concerns at UN Human rights forum, briefings, conferences, in the European Parliament that military in Pakistan is using extremists and fundamentalists as a foreign policy tool. Unless the Pakistan military is stopped from nurturing, breeding and infiltrating extremists across the borders, attempts to build peace whether in Afghanistan or with India is not possible.
    However, world community paid little attention to our concerns and was busy in appeasing Pakistan military regime by filling their coffers so that they may genuinely extend cooperation to root-out terrorism. But now after seven years of war against terrorism and pouring billions of dollars realized that they couldn’t persuade military and ISI in Pakistan to change their course. After seven years of efforts, Taliban are taking over Pakistan bit by bit which is the vision and mechanism of Pakistan military and ISI to ensure if safe heavens of Taliban are not disturbed by the newly elected ANP government in NWFP-which subscribes secular views and may not at ease with military agenda. Terrorism remains the serious threat to the South Asian region where terrorist infrastructure is intact and their infiltration is ongoing process. Pakistan has become dangerous place in the world and its policies of using extremist resulting into serious chaos and crisis throughout region.
    Replying to a question Party chairman said that, In Pakistan military establishment strongly believes that stable Afghanistan means unstable Pakistan, and unstable Afghanistan means stable Pakistan. Pakistan military is embarked upon the same policy, notion to destabilize Afghanistan. The Pakistan ISI and military has had very ambitious agenda about the expanding its sphere of influence and regional ascendancy through its proxy extremists, and has seriously been involved over the decades to recreating Islamic identity of Pakistan as opposed to the South Asian identity.
    The extremists and terrorists that are viewed by West and others as threat to regional security and stability but are deemed as strategic ally and asset by military and intelligence agencies of Pakistan. This perceptional gap that persist between both West and Pakistan military can’t be filled with pouring money and opening up wallets. This strategy of persuading through pouring money and aid has further convinced them that their strategy of extremism is paying rewards and they continue to use to reap further economic and political concessions from the West and India. This strategy need to be revisited and reevaluated with changed mechanism accompanied by the accountability, transparency, progress, conditionality otherwise there are genuine risk of money may be passed on to these groups or against India as previous record support such views. In the past and recent agreements with Taliban they have compensated Taliban by paying huge amounts and releasing those terrorists and providing ample time to regroups and reorganize that idea mustn’t be encouraged by Western governments.
    The policy of proliferation of extremism and nuclear are two prong approach of Pakistan military to blackmail west which is unchanged yet. The release of A.Q.Khan, Lal Mosque Imam is step towards encouraging hawkish forces and putting pressure on the West.
    We would seek your support and cooperation to advance the cause of peace, human freedom, dignity, development and democracy, a dream which is being taken away from our people, region, and race by unleashing forces of obscurantism, extremism and terrorism by the Pakistan military and intelligence agency.
    Describing the situation billions of people are facing in Volatile region Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri emphasized and said that our people have yet to reach to the stage of realizing humanism, liberalism and free vales when forces of darkness and extremism would cease to exist. This is the duty of free media, free nations and people living in the West to come forward to resist these forces and force and expose those governments and its network involved in dehumanizing the societies and degrading the human dignity through these forces. South Asia is experiencing worst kind of brutalism, barbarianism and terrorism in the disguise of freedom, historical fault lines, aspirations; successive Pakistani regimes have been advancing to protect their act of infiltrating extremists and terrorists across the border. But after decades world and U S now recognize that Kashmir conflict is being used as tool to protect the acts of terrorism Pakistan based extremists groups are involved in Kashmir and India. How Taliban government has abused the women in Afghanistan, and recently in Pakistan Swat where a women was publically flogged by the same elements of Pakistan. World must take serious notice of these developments which are challenging the very basis of our society, culture, human values that exist for centuries.
    Highlighting the plight and miserable socio-economic and socio-political conditions of the of so called Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan under Pakistan control Mr. Kashmiri told the journalists that these areas have become launching pad of extremists and militants against the democratic voices of the Indian administered Kashmir. Our culture is being transformed by radicalizing through preaching Jihad against India while killing its Baloch leaders who seek control on their resources and demand their legitimate socio-economic and political rights denied for six decades.
    Replying to a question on terrorists training camps and infrastructure of Jihadis that continues to exist, and militants are infiltrated in Kashmir to undermine the peace process and CBMs which had begun after decades of proxy militancy and hostility. The brutal murder of Deputy Speaker of Northern Areas Legislative Council just two days ago by the same forces and ISI is aimed at to engineer communal riots to create political climate where they could seek the justification for military rule once again. The killing of Deputy Speaker is not the first incident in Gilgit Baltistan but is long list of such killings have been carried out against the majority Shia population which is deemed to be unfriendly and obstacle in the speared of extremism there. Our region and population is victim of Pakistan ISI’s ambitious agenda of using extremist as proxy army against India to capture Kashmir.
    Our region suffers from poverty, illiteracy, backwardness, high child mortality rate, underdevelopment, unemployment, malnourishment, and lack of health and education facilities, in Pakistan. The Pakistan controlled Areas continue to be used against Indian administered Kashmir as militants base camps that seriously affected development and safety of the local population. The Mumbai terrorist attack was clear conspiracy against the ongoing peace process to which new civilian Pakistan government was eager to push forward. But ISI and military used it to sabotage the burgeoning India- Pakistan relations, like Musharraf had done Kargil misadventure to thwart Lahore Declaration that then PM Nawaz Sharif and Mr. Vajpayee had signed.
    Our above submissions to you Journalist friends to examine judge and may merit your attention to rescue our people and region from the forces and conspiracy of Pakistan ISI to destroy our identity and culture in the name of Islam and freedom. Pakistan is at the crossroad of disintegration which poses serious threats to the region where military brasses showing no qualm over this challenging situation South Asian region is facing. World community must put proper mechanism in place to meet these challenges and possible fall-out of unraveling Pakistan.
    It was the consequences of those policies that after Soviets withdraw from Afghanistan, Pakistan had manipulated entire Afghan politics and economic affairs by installing their liking Taliban regime. During Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan the training camps and terrorist network was expanded to other parts of the country in Pakistan and Pakistani Administered Kashmir. The secret agencies of Pakistan transferred their religious terrorist groups into Pakistani Administered Kashmir and started their activities from that region. Lashker e Tayyaba and many others have been carrying out destructive activities against political leadership of Jammu Kashmir from Pakistani Administered Kashmir.
    They have been claiming the responsibilities of bomb attacks, and assassination of secular, progressive and democratic leadership of Jammu Kashmir from Muzaffarabad and from Muridkey a small town near Lahore Pakistan Punjab province. It is also matter of fact that Pakistani Military and secret agencies have been using two regions of former princely state of Jammu Kashmir under their illegal administration as launching pad, and to hide terrorists from the eyes of world community.
    We have heralded world community to stop Pakistan of using religion as weapon and foreign policy tool, but unfortunately the world community didn’t opened its eyes and continued support Pakistani military and undemocratic forces in the country. Before proposing some suggestions I would like to explain the situation of the more marginalized people of Gilgit Baltistan, who are victimized since 1949, the people in this region have not any representation in constitutional forum and due to constitutional restraints they have not constitutional, political and socio-economic rights.
    Calling upon world community, civil society and human rights defenders Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri further told the audiences that the natural resources of this region have been badly plundered since this area was illegally occupied by Pakistan in 1949, about two million people are deprived and living under fear and harassment created by Pakistani secret agencies in the area. Despite the fact that this region has given an opportunity to Pakistan to trade with its neighboring countries the state institutions have divided the people on communal lines and religious harmony was badly damaged in the region. We have serious concern that Government of Pakistan is leasing the land of this region to P-R-China which is contrary to the status of this region and Pakistan promises with the world community. The political and civil society actors in the region are facing extreme pressure and they are often tortured and arrested by the security agencies of Pakistan just because they demand human rights and fundamental freedoms.
    Mr.Kashmiri said that Pakistan’s national institutions have long history, today we are facing religious hatred and extremism and day by day extremist forces are expanding their constituency while the constituency of peace, stability, economic growth, and human rights is shrinking. Pakistani army has surrendered or pushing their agenda but one thing is very clear that 7 hundred thousand military is not ready to fight against these assets who always used against Pakistan’s democratic forces by the undemocratic force of Pakistan.
    He explains that before all these regions motivated forces and militants’ religious organization have very close links with army and ISI. He said that when where Pakistani army want to fight, they have instrument to see the person who escape and trying to save his life in a cave but army dig out him and later killed him but in Swat valley Sufi Mohammed and his fighters are capturing the area and even they have implemented Sharia in their occupied area and civilian government is forced to sign agreement with them. Now they are moving towards Islamabad and issued fatwa that existing modern judicial system in Pakistan is unilamic and we will change it by force. We know and everybody knows that without army’s support they can’t move or captured any area or land, just one year before from whole Swat valley gave the mandate to the ANP which is a secular party and believe in non violent path of struggle. In one year how we can think that Sufi Mohammed is getting support from public and public took gun against those who were just elected by them.
    It is our duty to expose these policies and strategy of undemocratic force and defend the civilian rule. Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri appreciated the statement of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and extent his full support. He further said that whole region is suffering due to illegal activities of secret agencies of Pakistan. Mr. Kashmiri loudly asked that these groups are stooges and proxies of ISI and ISI wanted to create more influence and capture more land through these proxies, otherwise Mullah Umer or Sufi Mohammad is nothing except new Mullah Aziz of Lal Masjid. United States and other countries should take confidence on those who know the real designs of these extremists.
    At the end of press conference Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri Chairman United Kashmir People’s National Party has extended some pragmatic suggestions for the regional democratic, secular forces as well as for the world community to think upon them seriously.

    I would like to persuade European Politicians to take up following points before the Pakistani Government to guarantee and empower the local people in Pakistani Administered Kashmir and in Gilgit Baltistan.
    1. A fact finding mission should be established to oversee social- economical, constitutional cultural, educational, developmental situation in both regions of Pakistani Administered Kashmir (So called Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan).

    2. The huge money was given to rebuilt 2005, earthquake, is misused and after three years have gone nothing done in this regard and thousands of people are looking for help and compelled to live in the temporary shelters. The European Union which has given millions of Euros to rehabilitate and develop infrastructure in the region, is gone into the pockets of the ERRA (Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Authority), headed by a military General. We fear that, money is used to strengthen terrorist organizations in the region. While the effected people were left like unattended orphans.

    3. We have serious concerns over the judicial crisis of Pakistan. We recommend that in order to establish and strengthen democracy, rule of law and independent judiciary is inevitable and that the liking and disliking in state institutions must be discouraged by the world community. The local authorities at Muzaffarabad has always adopted the same fashion of political culture in Pakistani Administered Kashmir and have appointed a Chief Justice of supreme court and the most senior Judge of Supreme Court, Justice Manzoor Gilani is superseded by a Junior Judge and appointed as Chief justice. In AJK High Court Justice Sardar Nawaz Khan Working as Adhoc Chief Justice since last three years but Government has not appointing him as permanent Chief Justice. Undemocratic forces don’t want independent judiciary, they always relay on subservient judiciary so Pakistani government should pressurized for independent Judiciary. The system of personal liking and disliking should abolished, system of merit; transparency and accountability should prevail in all state institutions.

    4. The terrorist infrastructure is still intact and top wanted culprit of Mumbai attacks was arrested from Muzaffarabad. Despite ban imposed on such terrorist organizations, they have got the blessings of Pakistani state institutions and security establishment. Terrorist infrastructure must be in real term dismantle, not just in announcement in TV and news papers .Under these circumstances we can say that the former military Government of Pakistan and their continuation in present regime Pakistani state institutions have been befooling world community that religious armed groups have been disarmed and banned properly.

    5. We strongly urge and request to the world community to ask Government of Pakistan to guarantee freedom of speech, assembly, freedom of thoughts and that all political parties should be allowed to take part in elections and democratic process.

    6. That the constitutional restraints imposed on democratic and pro-people and pro-independence political parties of Pakistani Administered Kashmir must end now.

    7. Pakistan and local authorities at Muzaffarabad should collect a data of educated

    8. Unemployed youth in the region and a proper arrangement of their respectable livelihood are arranged.

    9. We also request to the world community that Government of Pakistan must emphasize to establish industries in both regions, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan in order to overcome unemployment.

    10. That the hatred literature must be banned throughout the country, and such literature should be banned from the schools as well.

    11. It is also matter of fact that military is claiming that she is prepared to counter any escalation, but why she is unable to stop the broadcasting of illegal FM radio stations in Federally Administered Tribal Areas? In our views it is not possible without the blessings of the military and secret agencies so that they can get more funds from the western countries and United States in the name of war on terror.

    We strongly urge world community to ask Pakistan to take serious steps against those who involved in killings of political leaders, civil society activists, and political activists in Gilgit Baltistan. That the construction of Basha dam in the region must be halted and plundering of natural resources must be stopped and these areas immediately handed over and reunited with rest of Jammu Kashmir.
    Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri
    United Kashmir People’s National Party


  2. sameer says:

    jhooooooooolay laaaaaaaaal dama dam mast kalander


  3. Brussels:

    United Kashmir Peoples National Party ( U K P N P ) does support democratic and election process in Indian Administered Jammu Kashmir. World community and regional forces could only know the real wishes and aspirations of the people in conflict areas through peacefully and democratically exercised elections. This is stated by Jamil Maqsood General Secretary of United Kashmir Peoples National Party ( U K P N P ) Belgium, in a live conversation with Channel -5 via phone. Replying to a question of house arrest of pro- Pakistan APHC leaders Jamil Maqsood said that it is common exercise everywhere in the world that those who create disturbance either arrested or put under house arrest, citing elections in Pakistani Administered Kashmir Jamil Maqsood told the anchor person when pro-independence political parties do boycott the elections and local authorities do the same treatment at this part of the divide. if we challenge the ligitimacy of elections in Indian side of Jammu Kashmir how they could be justified on the other side in Pakistani Administered Kashmir, Jamil Maqsood said. In Indian Administered Kashmir the Government in valley and Jammu has got legal status and also recognized by the word community under UNCIP resolution, and its legitimacy can’t be challenged by any one but the Pakistani Administered Kashmir is never recognized as state or the Government it was called as local authority. we do believe in peaceful solutions and boycott and violence would not bring any change in the area but the people will be further marginalized and suffer.

    This conversation would be on air tonight at 122.00hours. and tomorrow morning.

    Jamil Maqsood

    General Secretary

    United Kashmir Peoples National Party
    ( U K P N P ) Belgium


  4. gmcmissing says:

    In a fresh bomb shell, the Geo News has reported that three other women had been ‘buried alive’ in Balochistan. We all know what the truth in the whole matter is. The entire Jang Group has been engaged in defaming the Baloch society and its culture for a long time. Its so-called leading investigative reporter, Rauf Kalasara, affiliated with The News [newspaper] has been constantly fed by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. Ironically, the fellow has emerged as the sole champion of the women’s rights and the biggest detractor of the Baloch traditions while sitting in Islamabad and doing table-cum-telephonic stories. I wonder how come the educated people in Pakistan not persuade him to get out of his Islamabad office room and investigate the matter objectively rather completely relying on the intelligence reports and conducting telephonic interviews.

    Yet, Rauf has not been able to prove evidence for a single story of his that the girls were ACTUALLY BURIED ALIVE. I am not denying their murders. But I am bothered with the careless reference given to the burial alive of girls. Such reports come from the people who are oblivious to the Baloch history, culture and traditions. Baloch are the people whose society witnessed a prolonged war between the Rind and Lashar tribes only in the favor of a guest lady’s, Gohar Jathni, honor. Baloch across the province stood and loudly protested the gang rape of a Sindhi lady doctor, Dr. Shahzia Khalid, by a Punjabi military officer.

    On the top of it, we are being taught manners to ‘properly and respectfully’ deal with our women. I wonder how the people who have a history of gang raping their women and parading them naked publicly on the directives of Jirgas [referring to Mukhtaran Mai case], have become so civilized overnight and started to teach our grandmothers how to suck eggs.

    There is no gainsaying the fact that girls/ women get consistently killed on the name of honor in many parts of Sindh and Balochistan in cases of honor-killing. No sane person can support these activities. They are worth condemnation. Yet, journalism that promotes fear among the masses and sensationalizes an issue should equally be condemned. Since Jang Group failed to give any evidence that the girls had really been buried alive, it resorted to another campaign to say that police was giving the a cover-up to the whole issue. That said, Jang was bent upon forcing the police and the local people to confess that they had buried the women alive [even if they had not done so].

    Technically, a journalist is required to use terms such as ‘alleged murder’, ‘alleged burial alive’ until the charges are proved legally or medically. The first medical report issued by Dr. Shamim Mishwani clearly indicated that the girls had been shot and then buried. There was, however, no sign of burying them alive. In that case, no media house has the right to insist on putting words into the mouth of the police and others that the girls were buried alive. After all, our responsibility is to report what the evidences available indicate. If we journalists become partisan and start disrespecting the medical reports and police versions simply to insist that what we had said, that too without any evidence, is still correct, then this, I believe, is the worst form of sensational journalism.

    Such highly subjective journalism is going to lead Pakistan no where. Jang Group has to review its approach towards so-called investigative journalism.


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